How to tell if a guy is attracted and interested in you or not.

Today we talk about How to tell if a guy is attracted and interested in you or not. Sometimes it’s not what a person says but what they do that’s important. A guy will tell you one thing but his body will tell you another – that’s his body language subconsciously giving him away.

How to tell if a guy is attracted and interested in you or not.

If you’re at a total loss at figuring out whether or not a guy is attracted or into you, the following lists of body language signs should help decipher some of their signals.

You’ve got to be just a tad careful though… A guy’s body language can just as easily be misinterpreted. A guy who appears to be really into you, receptive and showing attraction could be just be a really friendly guy who’s interested in people. And a guy who shows some of the bad body language signs may just be a little on the shy side. Do you know about Moon cricket? know here all about this.

Another thing to be aware about is that not everyone is comfortable with more intimate aspects of body language. For instance leaning in or positioning oneself closely to some guys may mark you as overly aggressive or invading their space.

If you’re a naturally “touchy feely” person or if you want to show attraction via physical contact; by all means do so – just try and gauge the other guy’s responsiveness and don’t do it too soon.

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Good Body Language Signs: How to tell if a guy is attracted and interested in you or not.

  • Good eye contact = shows sincerity
  • Legs slightly apart = there’s some attraction
  • Legs wide open = he’s showing off his package
  • Gentle hair twirling (his or yours) = attraction and flirtation
  • Smiles with a wide-open smile = genuine amusement (the good kind) or attraction
  • Smiles with dimples, laugh lines, or crow’s feet = genuine amusement (the good kind) or attraction
  • Touches his face, cheeks, or lips = interest and attraction
  • Leans in towards you = receptiveness to you or what you’re saying
  • Touches you = desire and attraction
  • Rolls up shirt sleeves, unbuttons his shirt or jacket = a degree of comfort and interest
  • A general sense of openness = sincerity

Bad Body Language Signs:

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  • Piercing eye contact = shows signs bordering on the creepiness
  • Looks away = insincerity, something he said isn’t true or quite true – careful; the guy may just be shy.
  • Constantly looking around = disinterested, boredom, cruising, or looking for an escape
  • Clenches his jaw = anger or impatience
  • Thin or pursed lips = anger or impatience
  • Nods way too much = disinterest or a short attention span
  • Crosses legs or arms = usually getting defensive but not always
  • Crosses both arms and legs = getting defensive
  • Holds finger to chin or lips = evaluation or sometimes criticism
  • Holds his chin in his hand = boredom, evaluation or sometimes criticism
  • Slouching/Slouches = boredom and disinterest
  • Thin smile = insincerity, anger or impatience
  • Shallow smile (no laugh lines) = attempting to look happy
  • Shifts the weight on his legs = uncertainty and nervousness
  • Drums the table with his fingers = disinterest and boredom
  • Rubs the back of his neck or head = tired, impatience or frustration
  • Thumbs clasped around imaginary suspenders = bragging, boasting or “telling a story”
  • Shoved hands in pockets = possible insecurity or disinterest
  • Hand clasping the other elbow while smoking = defensiveness or disinterest
  • Head pointing upward (eyes going toward the ceiling) while smoking = boredom and disinterest
  • Constantly playing with a lighter, matchbook or pen = nervousness, boredom or disinterest
  • Looking through you or around you = disinterest and sometimes defensiveness