Rudraksh Immigration Group explains the kind of work permits in Canada

Canada is a country which has become the favourite destination for Indians to immigrate to, due to varied reasons. Apart from the fact that the Indian diaspora in Canada is huge, the welcoming nature of the Canadians also facilitate the decision of moving to Canada, either to study or work. This is something which can be validated by professionals at Rudraksh Immigration Group Mohali. Being an English-speaking nation also favours the Indians, as almost all the students who plan to migrate to a foreign country, have completed their education or work in English language.

The organisation that deals with the entry of foreign nationals into Canada is IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). One needs to follow the procedure set by IRCC to successfully migrate into Canada. The kind of work permits that IRCC offers and manages are as follows:


  • Temporary Work Permit: This refers to the work permits offered by Canada, which might be employer-specific or requires a specific duration of you stay in Canada. Canadian Government and private companies offer such vacancies from time to time.
  • Permanent Work Permit: The people who have specialization in any particular field or are skilled in any area or branch, are in huge demand in Canada. They are offered express entry into Canada because they will be huge assets for the economy. They can work in any company and a particular employer is not needed.
  • Student Permit: As students, they are allowed to work a specific number of hours in a week to manage their expenses. After having completed the education, students are offered a ost-graduation work permit, which allows them to find a suitable job in Canada.
  • Agricultural Work Permit: As the name suggests, Individuals who are hired through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) are eligible for Work Permit application to Canada.

While there are some other types of work permits as well, the ones mentioned above are the most common ones. Rudraksh Immigration Group, Mohali is a pioneer in this field with the experience of over 27 years. They know which is the best way for you to immigrate to Canada. They have managed thousands of visas of all kinds.

Depending on your qualifications as well as requirements, they will help you select the right kind of work permit for you. They will then guide you through the application process, which can be a bit complicated if you are doing it alone. This being their regular job, makes it easy for them to know the procedure inside-out and avoid any hindrance that might have arose, had you done it by yourself.

Also, if you wish to study in Canada and are confused between some courses, Rudraksh Group will help you pick the right one according to the future employment opportunities after your studies. This will ensure that you secure a decent job immediately after the completion of your studies. This will make all your dreams come true, which you had before visiting Canada.

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