Is Guest Posting Helping You to Rank Higher?

If you’re a blogger and not fully pleased with the traffic on your site, you have to ask yourself an easy question: is it worth spending more time on guest posting? The response should be a resounding yes if you have your head turn on the right and know your stuff.

Despite some speculation about the durability of this unique inbound marketing technique, guest posting continues to be one of the best ways to increase your audience and traffic to your website.

So this post will brief- what is SEO guest blogging, how do you do it, and what do you know?

What is blogging/ guest posting?

Guest posting is a content marketing and SEO technique in which people write articles for other websites to support their products and companies. In most cases, guest bloggers write content for their business-related websites and blogs, which have a wider audience.

As a kind of influencer, bloggers realize that high-quality content is shared on their blogs to connect with followers. By putting articles outside of their websites, they could draw more public to their online journals while helping website owners increase reach and rank in search engines. For both sides, this strategy is a win-win approach. The thing you should always remember is that the website does not pay the blogger because it is a guest post and not a sponsored post.

Google sees links as the main criteria for ranking websites. As guest posting offers substantial opportunities to obtain links from various websites, SEO and other marketing tactics would be influenced positively. In general, both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest content benefit from guest blogging. The posts of guest bloggers on your website, usually at the bottom of the article known as the Author Box, are worth considering when beginning the guest posting collaboration.

Next, we will list guest blogging advantages and a few good examples to help you look at how this form of influencer marketing technique can help you improve your business.

Why do you consider guest posts?

  • Diversify your content: Posts by other authors are a great way to get your blog or website fresh perspectives and new ideas. Every writer generally has his ideas and writing style. Your platform should take advantage of the freshness of new hands.
  • To meet a new audience: Any new writer is commonly believed to carry a new audience. While this might not always be in big numbers, it is not a bad idea to introduce a few readers to your audience.
  • Add experts to your blogs: Guest hosting is a perfect way to bring experts to your blog and feature them. You should look at this from two points of view. You cannot be the best author, even though you are already an expert in your profession. Finding a writer who has outstanding writing skills would have a significant influence on your website. On the other hand, welcoming a guest message from a professional in your field will further raise your platform’s authority. Two healthy heads are better than one in any case.
  • It is convenient: While it can sound like a lazy tactic, it does make good if you think about it. Not everybody can keep up with posting daily. You can do this easily by giving unique authors some slots to compose high-quality content for you. Any new article posted on your website means less work for you.

Why do you write Guest Posts?

Seal your position as an authority: Publishing your work on credible websites in your industry will boost your reputation as an author. It will certainly look nice on your profile and give you a broader view of your niche.

  • Good for SEO: 

The number and consistency of links to your site are the key parameters used by search engines to rate the search results. These are known as off-page links. By publishing your search results on related websites, you raise your SEO score and rank higher.

Networking with other bloggers: like any area of practice, networking with others in your niche would do a lot of good for your blogging career. By being more prominent among your peers, your brand identity will be improved.

  • Make more money: 

Even though money should not be the main incentive to blog, it’s one of the advantages to expect. Both direct and indirect income is a source of guest blogging. You can get paid for quality content writing, and it can also raise sales for your website as your audience grows. Guest blogging, like any other technique, needs some effort on both sides. It’s not a magic wand that answers all your questions about blogging. In reality, blogging can also be a problem if done incorrectly. So the blogger and the host should do their homework before they agree to the agreement to take full advantage of their arrangements.

According to the experience of big brands with plenty of online knowledge, it does not sound right to have any content on their websites. Whatever the benefit of the constant content stream for other “external” publications, the brands can gain a tremendous amount of exposure from frequent guest posts on prominent websites.

  • Enhances credibility and creates authority online

On the other hand, guest blogging is what you need to begin if you’re a blogger looking for an opportunity to increase your online authority. It does not matter how good your content. It is difficult to retain your viewers as loyal consumers or purchasers if the audience does not trust your brand.

Guest blogging strengthens your reputation as a trustworthy business leader. Some of the elements determining brand value are customized content. If you know the name added to the guest blog entry on a highly reputable website, the public will, of course, keep on seeing you as a loyal brand. Not only does the authority support your SEO business, but it also helps you in future ventures. A well-known brand is important to increase your customer base and increase your company revenue.

By posting high-quality, useful content to other high-ranking blogs, you can demonstrate your credibility as an information source. Sharing your experience and offering examples will improve the way people interpret your content. It allows your target audience to understand your brands’ trustworthiness. They will also be more open to any value you give on your website.

  • Improve your content policies

Continuing content production and delivery can often result in ideas running out. But you don’t have to think about this as now you can easily find someone who is an expert in the field and can write quality content for you. This way, you can please your readers when they read excellent content that gives a new perspective that they did not expect. For instance, Salesforce (one of the largest software cloud services (SaaS)) is taking guest blogging seriously.

SEO helps you increase and divert more traffic to the website, and one of the effective SEO practices is backlinking. A backlink is a link to another website. Search engines such as Google use backlinks as a ranking predictor. If a site is linked to another, it indicates that the content should be noted. Good quality backlinks help websites achieve a high standing in search engine results pages (SERP).

However, there are still people who write inferior guest posts simply in exchange for backlinks. These poorly written and paid-to-win articles could be penalized for the benefit of readers by search engines and were intended only to create links. Whenever someone asks to send guest posts, you can prevent this by setting requirements to produce high-quality, targeted posts.

  • Guest Blogging Boosts your traffic and SEO

While there is still exploitation of poorly written guest posts, guest blogging continues to be a robust digital marketing tactic. Guest blogging is today one of the best ways to create high-quality links and therefore helps to generate more traffic to your site, boost your SEO, and even increase your return on investments (ROI).

In the search engine algorithm, SEO, and your overall plan for building your website, backlinks play a major role.

When you post on other websites and blogs, your brand is linked to the posts. For example, Google would judge your site as important and useful based on how many people quote your brand. The more your backlinks are, the more traffic you earn. The more traffic you get, the higher your website is in SERP. A relatively high rank means that when searching for specific keywords, more users can see and even navigate your content.

  • Drives more professional leads

Well-crafted and easily shared guest content will, over time, organically get backlinks to itself. Links to company pages allow for referral traffic creation, which creates leads and high-paid customers on your site. Guest blogging will get you not only visitors but also other people in your industry. When you mention them in your articles as insightful and skilled external links, they will find your posts and learn more about your brand. If your blog is about what they are interested in, they can contact you as a reliable source in guest postings or connect to your site. As a source, you can broaden your network and contribute to alliances and partnerships to strengthen your sales department.

A guest blog post includes a host of back-links to your website. Search engines such as Bing and Google will quickly index those back-links. More guest posts will give you more back-links, and the traffic will instantly rise.

  • Better reputation for the brand

To attract more business opportunities, each brand seeks to boost its credibility in the market. And an SEO guest post is a sure way of raising brand recognition and credibility. When more people read your services or brand blogs, they become more aware of what you do. Also, the search engine filters those websites with a higher reputation as a result of guest blogging SEO than those with a low reputation.

More individuals connect to social networks. Nearly every web site has a deep connection to a social media network and direct audience transfer to their social media pages via guest posting. This can be achieved without third-party methods so that you get more people and spend less.

  • Your social media marketing strategy is enabled by guest blogging

Marketing and content marketing in social media often go hand in hand. Without content to post, the social media marketing strategy will not work.

Your guest blogging activity leads to generating new content that the organization can spread through social media. Using hashtags and links to remind the original guest postings of your audience. Furthermore, if you write posts on a blog with lots of social media activities, the content would inevitably be shared. You may also include some very sharp types of content in your guest post in addition to the standard style.

  • Guest post blogging enhances content marketing expertise 

Guest blogging is essentially a blog posting practice that promotes your website or brand on other websites. This is also a handy way to develop your writing and marketing skills. For every article you write, your abilities are improved. You will have a partner who is the website owner who will assist you in delivering the best posts.

The findings are not only reflected in guest blogs but also in articles on your website. The more active a writer, the better your site is. You may also participate in some online courses to make your writing better. Moreover, you can increasingly know during the process of creating guest posts which content marketing techniques are the best alternative for your website.

Statistics supplied by successful brands are average because they work for their brands, although they are not helpful to others. You must also find the right content strategy for your particular brand.

What does the Guest Posting do for the Host Site?

It’s all about making exciting new content. That’s why you’ll have to be good with your guest posts, particularly if you want to publish on a better-known forum.

Guest blogs are free content from the viewpoint of the host, and who doesn’t love free content? The more popular the blog, of course, the pickier it can afford to be.

There’s also some group feel to the guest blog in the food chain. Hosting other people’s blogs is about helping each other out among small to medium-sized bloggers. It makes sense for you to give someone the same kindness if you are writing on other blogs. This is a beneficial approach, and the partnership would help both of you.

How to go about Guest Posting?

Guest postings are, therefore, good for SEO, expose you to a new audience, and help you to make friends.

How are you starting? You need to find a blog to host you first.

You will want to do so in a few ways. Several sites actively list blogs that are accessible for posting to visitors. The links may, however, be unreliable. Moreover, you do not have the quality of hosting you like. Perhaps the most obvious thing to do is Google search.

Only type in the “top [your industry] blog list ” and see what’s going on.

Things to Consider While You’re Guest Blogging

The key thing to note when guest blogging is the essence of the links that you use in your text. If you have links in your content, hyperlinked terms are called anchor texts. When linking a URL, make sure it contains useful terms. But what are useful words? Google uses anchor text to determine the importance of a page and therefore insert keywords into the anchor text to which you are linked. Make sure you don’t overdo it because Google still penalizes spammy links. Like other SEO tactics, doing it organically – whether it makes sense – is the most important thing to do. Don’t be too strong or artificial with the links you insert. Make sure the links are relevant. And if they are important, they would probably have keywords anyway.


Before you get there, you should be careful about one or two other things when trying to get your posts out. You’ll probably be forced to pay to post anything on a host site at some point. In addition to the issue of whether this technique is economically worthwhile, you risk being captured.

Payment for links is directly contrary to Google’s policy, and if they find out, you will face a drastic manual reduction in the ranking of your search engine. Private networks and dropped domains are other things to look for. These are domains with a link profile that have just expired. These old domains can be purchased, add some cheap content on it, and connect it.

Not all blogs appear as they are, so a website called the Wayback Machine might be worth testing the history of a domain.