The Life of Emma

London based actress, comedian and go-getting all rounder Emma Bryant shares with us her thoughts on lockdown, living in London during the largest threat since WWII, and her plans for the future.

Some people are just born performers, and Emma Bryant is one of them. The British-born actress, who has appeared on Game of Thrones, among many other acting credits, may have been unable to perform during the recent lockdown – but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing a whole host of new pursuits, as she shared with us in an exclusive interview.

‘I’m just one of those people who isn’t going to sit still, you know?’ she laughs confidently, and when you look at her impressive CV never has a truer word been spoken.

From Professional Prankster (certainly a new one for me, never seen that so proudly displayed on someone’s CV before!) to Model and Wrestler-In-Training, the impressively adventurous Emma can do anything – or give it a good old British try, that’s for sure!

Emma’s website shows an impressive body of recent pre-lockdown work, including an utterly gorgeous shot taken from an Edwardian/Victorian hairstyles shoot at Pinewood Studios just before lockdown hit.

So how on earth has such a busy, vital, person kept themselves sane during the trials and tribulations we’ve faced as a nation this year?

‘Well, I won’t lie, it’s been hard’ says Emma. ‘Don’t get me wrong, it’s been hard for all of us and, fingers crossed, I’ve not been ill with this utterly awful virus but still, like everyone else, I’ve struggled. Staying at home, not going out, not being able to work – I genuinely think if it wasn’t for writing, and engaging with people on my social media platforms, that I would probably have gone crazy stuck indoors for this long.’

As we all know, Theatre and the Arts have struggled massively for funding and been crying out for help. With the welcome recent announcement of an influx of funds from the Chancellor then are things starting to look up for her industry? Emma is, unsurprisingly, cautious about this.

‘So many people have lost work, so many shows won’t be able to go back ahead, so many people have lost funding for their projects, that I really do struggle to see exactly how we repair this industry in the short-term. It’s terrifying right now for a lot of people who simply don’t know when and if they’ll be getting back into work.’

However, for our intrepid adventurer, life is looking a little more like it’s taking an upwards trajectory. From training to be a professional wrestler, to her popularity for photo shoots and acting jobs in general, the life of Emma is very much an upbeat, cheerful and optimistic one.


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