4 Digital Marketing Trends to Look for in 2021

4 Digital Marketing Trends to Look for in 2021

The recent pandemic has drastically changed the retail landscape and customers are rapidly forging newer ways of shopping. Moreover, their expectations from the brands are changed. This has impacted digital marketing as well and marketers are evolving to match the changing trends.

Virtual platforms are rapidly replacing in-person experiences and it has led to redesigning everything to fit in this new reality. Marketers should take it as an opportunity to look for new possibilities and try to explore new horizons in the future.

So, the burning questions are, will content still be the center of everything? What will be the emerging platforms? How will marketers be able to engage and retain customers? All of this needs to be well stratigized and planned in advance to be able to track these rapid changes.

Here are some emerging trends in digital marketing that marketers should keep an eye on:

  • Short-form Videos

Needless to say, that content is and will most likely be the king in the future. However, it is the types of content that are evolving. Due to boredom and isolation, people have resorted largely towards short-form content. Owing to this, social media giants have launched new platforms to cater to this need.

Instagram has just launched Instagram Reels and Tik-Tok has become the center of marketing activities, Snap chat has gone through a major redesign. All of this points towards the progress of long-form content. This resulted in marketers spending around 25% of their budget on social media.

Digital marketers need to find shorter and catchier ways to catch customer’s attention because people’s attention span has been decreasing. Moreover, TikTok launched the Tik-Tok business earlier and is planning to expand it in near future. Digital Marketers should study this aspect and create opportunities out of it.

It may seem simple to create short-form videos but to send the message across in such a short time span is not as easy as it seems. Adding relevant messaging at the right time in short-form content will require a lot of research and creative ability. Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai has been experimenting with short-form content and it is high time that marketers start using this type extensively.

  • User Privacy and Protection Issues 

Consumer privacy has been the talk of the town for the past few years now and it has grown on to become a huge concern for both consumers and digital marketers. One example of this is the California Consumer Privacy Act which was implemented in 2020. Due to this, many brands were unable to target the respective audience and it created havoc among marketing communities.

Users are concerned about privacy now more than ever and proper law-making should be considered to increase people’s trust on online platforms otherwise it can harshly impact consumer behaviors, negatively affecting brands.

It is expected the current ways of targeting and tracking consumers will undergo changes in the near future and digital Marketing Companies should keep consumer privacy as a top priority to build that level of customer trust in order to survive in these turbulent times.

  • Marketing Automation 

It should be noted that the customer journey is so dynamic and fluid that it is difficult to track consumer behavior. Moreover, it has so many touch points that it gets harder to cope up with ever-changing expectations. Marketers should have to come up with a sophisticated strategy of automated attributes in order to correctly calculate ROI. 

It becomes impossible to track these numbers manually and it can safely be said that marketing automation will become a norm and a fully functional industry in the coming years. Marketing automation tools have been around for years now and software has been updated gradually overtime. However, this trend is touching new heights, especially after the pandemic, and is expected to be the only way for effective digital marketing in coming years.

  • Personalization

Research shows that consumers are more inclined towards personalized service even having privacy concerns. They only want to engage with brands and websites that are delivering personalized value. It has become a norm that consumers unsubscribe from mass email campaigns and they are more inclined towards personalized pages.

Digital Marketers would have to come up with strategies to deliver a more personalized experience to their consumers to retain them. This is where machine learning comes in. It is said that machine learning is to be widely used in the future to delivered personalized value to consumers according to their own preferences and interests.

These are the newer trends that digital marketing agencies should keep in check because there is only one way to cope up with the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, and that is to evolve and adapt to what is new. This is the only way the brands can effectively target consumers and keep them hitched.