Tips to Get Most Out of the Streaming Device


The Amazon Firestick is currently one of the most popular media streaming device in the US. As of December 2020, it had surpassed 50 million active users, worldwide. Because of this, billions of streaming hours every month, Amazon rolled out a major software update for its Fire TV Stick. The latest updates bring new features and also improves the experience.

Yet, to make the most of your device is there anything else you can do? A lot of hobbyists and geeks experiment with this subject now and then, and based on some common findings, we compiled the below list. Amazon’s Firestick is the easiest to use, setup, and install. This makes it highly popular among not-so-tech-savvy users.

Often you would like to know some tips and tricks to make your Firestick work smoother and better. For example, fixing buffering issues that came out of nowhere improves the device’s performance or, installs and sideloads some third-party apps. The tips and tricks we mention below works for all models, and are pretty standard. There are power and abilities of the Amazon Firestick a tool. Many users jailbreak Firestick apps for fun. Amazon App Store offers a lot, but it also allows tinkering with the device.


  1. Jailbreaking Firestick

What it means is that users can stream HD movies, content, TV shows, record them, and even games. Much of these simple instructions are standard on all models. Currently, though, the most popular device is Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick Lite. These are in their 3rd generation.

  • To jailbreak Firestick is not a very risky job, because there are bundles of tutorials online. For example, there is a tool called Downloader which helps in this process.


  1. Installing 3rd Party Apps

If you want to sideload apps on your Firestick that are unavailable in the Amazon App Store, the device can do that. Sideloading streaming device APKs is one of the most popular categories among users. For example, apps like Kodi, CatMouse, Crunchyroll, Stremio, and Cinema HD; and so, on APKs are most cherished. So, you can jailbreak to do this.


  1. Make Firestick Run Faster

Sometimes the Firestick will slow down after some time because of unknown reasons. There are several reasons for it. First, hiring is to test internet speed. Because there are online tools, you can do it right away. Then, you want to fix the Firestick buffering issue because this leads to a dissatisfied viewing experience.

The methods include using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, using Real-Debrid apps to clean the entire device, making use of VPNs, and so on. The Amazon App Store also has apps because of the same, to kill background processes. You can find loads of online tutorials and even videos on various solutions.


  1. Increase Firestick’s Base Storage

One of the issues to fix and improve the experience on this device is to free it up. Because of sideloading apps, removing and installing new ones over and over again, memory storage clogs up. Luckily users can now purchase OTG cables and any USB flash device to expand the device’s base storage. Most of the devices come with 8GB, because of which the internal storage is low.

  • Another hack is to install the applications on the external USB drive, rather than the main Fire TV Stick.


  1. External Video/Movie Players

The best part of a streaming device is the video player in use. Because this would yield the user experience from searching for new content to daily use. The controls for the media player also matter. Shortcuts, gestures, and all matter because of convenience. The most popular external video players are MXPlayer and VLC Media Player, as of 2021.

  • Using external video players also allows people to download content, eliminating buffering. Because of this, your overall experience improves a lot.


  1. Using Remote App Instead

Many users have consistently expressed dissatisfaction with the hardware Amazon Fire TV Stick remote. Because it does not sync well, has battery draining issues, and more. This is the remote that comes with the device. So, the community and developers have come up with an app for that. The “Fire TV Remote App” is an app for the remote, which you can download and install on your smartphone.

It is then like a remote control. The app is very popular too because of which you can find it on iOS, Play Store for iPhone, iPad, and Android, even Fire Tablets. One of its best features is that it can use the phone’s keyboard to type making it much faster than on-screen use.



There are several tricks and tips, and these keep updating with time. As of 2021 the above tips and tricks are most popular and tested. Thus, you can try them on your Firestick device, if you own one. It should deliver you an improved experience, nevertheless.


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