How to Unite a Disjointed Team

A connected team can create a more successful business. Team unity will lead to better communications, creative collaborations, better decision-making, and improved engagement.

However, if your employees feel disconnected from each other, they will be less likely to request help, ask important questions, or work together on a big task or project.

If you want to build a positive industry reputation, improve productivity, and increase annual profitability, you must bring your staff together. Read these top tips on how to unite a disjointed team.

Establish Clear Goals for Your Team

If your employees have different goals, it can create a disjointed environment. For this reason, you must establish a clear purpose for an organization, which will encourage your team to work together. When your staff members are working towards the same short- and long-term goals, they will be more likely to communicate, collaborate, and support each other.

Focus on Team Building

While remote working can improve your employees’ focus, productivity, and morale, it can create distance in a team. Your hardworking staff will likely crave human interaction at times, and they might long to feel a part of a close-knit team.

Hosting various team bonding activities could strengthen relationships, improve internal communication, and increase your employees’ job satisfaction. For example, you could hold a virtual happy hour, meet-up for drinks after work, or embark on a fun activity, such as laser tag, an escape room, or bowling.

Also, aim to host at least one company event per year to bring each department together. For example, you could host a summer BBQ or a Christmas party to reward your team and strengthen friendships. Also, you could prove how much you value their hard work and effort by hiring professional event entertainment, such as experienced hosts, event bands, or a live DJ.

Change the Company Culture

The culture you create can determine collaboration, communication, and productivity in the workplace. If you take the time to create a supportive environment that rewards and recognizes teamwork, your employees will be more likely to lend each other a helping hand.

Praise departments that work together shine a spotlight on staff members who go above and beyond in their role or reward employees for completing a successful joint project.

Empower Your Employees

If your staff members are forced to follow a strict set of instructions each day, you could drain them of all satisfaction and morale. Plus, they might feel they need to compete with their colleagues to complete a task first, especially if they want to secure a promotion or pay raise.

However, if you empower your employees to make decisions, they will be free to embrace various tactics to wow an employer. For instance, they might turn to a co-worker to collaborate on an important project to achieve a better outcome.

If your team feels disconnected and communication is poor, you must look for ways to bring them together. The above tips are a great place to start.


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