Top 3 Hair Loss Solutions That Really Work

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems nowadays. Once upon a time, it had been considered as a problem which is majorly seen in adults. But unfortunately, nowadays it’s becoming quite common in youths also. If you’re also facing this problem, you definitely have also tried home remedies to solve this problem. This article is for those who are facing the issue of hair loss. But if you’ve already lost a major portion of your hair, then a hair transplant is the absolute best solution for you.

There are many solutions available online. But what percentage of them actually work? only a few such remedies actually work. Dr. Gajanan Jadhao who is known for best in class hair transplant in Pune says, “A number of the remedies available online might even cause damage to your hair.” So, whom do you have to trust? Well, we believe the simplest option is to listen to a specialist. In this article, Dr. Deepesh Goyal who is known for his best service in the field of hair transplant in Jaipur shares 3 effective hair loss solutions that really work. Dr. Jadhao & Dr. Goyal are also listed in ClinicSpots which is one of the leading names in medical tourism in India.

The Power Of Soft Showers-

After waking up in the morning nothing feels better than hot water running over your head. It’s relaxing, it’s peaceful but is often devastating to your hair follicles. Few people realize just what damage that showers can do to their scalp. Any hard water decreases the strength of your hair and it opens the door for breakage and hair loss. This comes from a 2018 study published by the International Journal of technology and during this study, researchers measured the strength of human hair under soft and hard water. They wanted to find out if hard water actually damages your hair follicles and it seems it does. Hair follicles that encountered hard water were weaker and more fragile. So, rather than letting that water beat down on your head get a new shower head and save your hair from the risks of hard water.

Stress Reduction-

More often than not stress is the reason for serious hair conditions like patchy hair loss. Stress is such an enormous problem that a lot of stress reduction tactics also give your hair a lift of growth. Meditation may be a great example now. Though this does not appear to be a true hair loss solution on its own but as per the 2006 study published by the American Psychological Association meditation is an effective method to manage the stress in your life and recover after experiencing a stressful event.

Meditation offers an easy and enjoyable solution. All it takes is one ten to twenty minute session per day & this brief period of relaxation can dissolve your stress, unravel your anxieties and provide you a much-needed sense of control. So, you must try to incorporate meditation into your daily routine because this healthy habit can really handle the stress in your life which can work wonders for your hair.

Muscle Relaxation-

If meditation really isn’t your thing you must also try something called progressive muscle relaxation or PMR and like meditation PMR is an accessible at-home technique which you’ll use to manage stress every day. The advantages of PMR were shown by the 2006 study from the American Psychological Association. They found that PMR is an efficient alternative to meditation when it involves stress. In fact, one session of PMR can significantly change your stress and anxiety levels. So, how does one actually perform PMR like meditation? You’ll need a bit of practice to get the foremost out of this system. So, here’s the short version-

First, you discover somewhere to relax. You would possibly lie back on your bed or recline on your couch whatever is most comfortable for you. Once you’ve found a soothing position then take a deep breath and repeat this a couple of times. Then when you’re ready tighten the muscles in your feet & now hold that position for a couple of breaths then slowly release those muscles. Now you are going to repeat this same process for nearly every muscle in your body working your way from your feet and legs all the way to your neck and face. After completing, your body and your mind will feel calm and rejuvenated. Now if you’re trying PMR for the primary time you would possibly be tempted to rush but once you speed up this system you are not actually doing anything, you are not giving the PMR an opportunity to try to do its job which suggests your hair isn’t getting the strain relief it needs. So, whether you’re meditating or using PMR, it is vital to dedicate some time. Remember that your goal is to manage the strain in your life. You’ve got to relax and unwind then slowly but surely you’ll build your hair back to its former glory.