12 tips for creating an effective logo

A logo is easy to design! It happens when the leader presents a logo that the meeting participants find that having invested so much agent for just an idea that they could have had or that your 4 years old could have drawn is really on the one hand. A waste of time and on the other hand a waste of money.

Contrary to appearances, it is not easy to create your logo. Should we choose for the originality card or rather restrict ourselves to the basics? What color to adopt? What will the logo mean in relation to the brand? What target is targeted? These are all questions to ask yourself before getting started. Every detail should be thought through and made sense, nothing should be left to chance. Logo Design is art here are 12 tips for creating a logo with great potential.

logo design

Go for simplicity

A logo should be understood by everyone quickly. Simplicity remains a safe bet in the sense that the simpler a logo, the more readable it is and the more it remains anchored in consumers’ memories. For example, Nike’s comma is an all-too-basic, no-frills logo. It is one of the most famous logos in the world. Despite these simplistic airs, it is not devoid of meaning since the comma is supposed to represent both the movement and the wings of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. There is therefore consistency between the product and the logo.



Use the right colors

It is advisable not to use more than three colors and to choose one more dominant than the others. The marriage of colors is also very important, some colors do not fit together, whether in paint or for a logo. In addition to being complementary, these colors will have a meaning vis-a-vis your brand or your products, which will influence the message you want to convey. In any case, this should not be chosen at random.

Choose the right shapes

The importance of consistency between color and your business or product also applies to form. Some institutions or brands have suffered because they have not paid attention to the double meaning that certain forms associated together can create. For example, the Arlington Pediatric Center illustrates this perfectly. The institution created controversy with its logo which, by itself, connotes a tendentious relationship between the two characters represented.

Avoid overly cliche logos

Your communication or Logo design agency may have offered you a “trendy” logo, in tune with the times, an image that is easily available on all media and in all countries, even if it comes close to the clichĂ©. Beware! Because even if at the time, it can be effective, such a logo can prove to be tiresome for the consumer, and therefore not cross the ages! So prefer a personalized and unique logo.

The logo as a reminder of the activity

To be as impactful as possible, it is preferable that your logo recalls your activity. For example, if you work in the sales of automotive spare parts, you could choose an adjustable wrench, a wheel, or a steering wheel as your logo!

Take care of the typography

In terms of consistency and aesthetics, it is advisable not to exceed two fonts. One more thing: everyone loves custom typography. The idea of ​​creating your logo involves creating your own typography, this will make your logo even more unique. The example of Coca-Cola illustrates this perfectly, since the brand’s typography has been copied many times, which conveys the product image twice as much. In the minds of consumers no matter what is written, they will always see the Coca-Cola brand.

A timeless logo

Being original is not necessarily an asset over time. Trends change and your logo should be as timeless as possible and therefore relatively neutral. This will prevent you from making big changes or destabilizing your customers.

A logo equivalent to my brand name

Of course, while the name of the firm is easy for consumers to remember, it is sometimes just as powerful that the logo simply uses that name. This is the case of successful companies like Fila, Coca-Cola, or Google, whose very short names immediately found an impact with the customer.

Go for the two-way logo


Creating a logo that contains “two images in one” is still a good idea, as long as it’s not too hard to guess.

Be careful that this does not become torture of the mind: Olins Wolff, the designer of the logo for the London 2012 Olympic Games, was refused his logo, for example, considered too complex.

Conversely, the Toblerone brand has succeeded in inserting a bear in the logo, which can be guessed after a few moments of observation.

Design your logo in vector format

The logo must be usable whatever its size, without loss of quality. It is therefore preferable to choose the vector format rather than the matrix in its realization.


Beware of translating your logo

Finally, last tip and not least, it is best to study the translations of your logo associated with your brand in other languages. This Swedish real estate management company has not thought of translating its logo into English.

What solutions to create an effective logo?

If you are a beginner in the graphic field, it will be very difficult for you to make a logo design on your own that meets all the criteria mentioned above. If you, therefore, want to get a professional logo, it is advisable to invest in the services of a graphic designer or a logo design agency to ensure a good image of your future business. In order to find the right designer who will be able to deliver results in accordance with your tastes, first think about getting information from your relatives or from other start-ups who could have called on the services of a professional.


Beyond graphic designers or agencies, there are now many solutions on the internet specialized in logo design. The main advantage of this type of tool lies in the prices, which remain very competitive.


A second possible alternative is the use of platforms like designhill Logo Maker to solicit the creativity and know-how of professionals in the sector. The platform designhill allows its user to launch a logo contest and entrust your graphic project to many designers who will send you a variety of design proposals. Before the launch of the competition, you fill in a specification detailing the graphic task to be performed and you set your budget. A project receives an average of 100 design proposals and the higher your budget, the more proposals you will receive. This solution allows you to have a variety of choices and you are protected by a 100% money-back guarantee. Indeed, if at the end of the project you do not like any creation, the fixed remuneration will be fully refunded.