How to Make a DIY Tasting Flight

Do all of your favorite social activities involve sampling different types of food and drinks? Would you love to host a tasting flight in your own home?

“Flights” of eating and drinking are for those who love to try new foods and have a difficult time choosing just one item. If you’re a talented home chef, a DIY version of a tasting flight is a great way to get friends and family together to sample all of your famous recipes.

Here are some great options to try at home.

1. Wine Tasting

As with all sipping flights, you’ll want to have the right beverage service equipment in your home before you have guests over. These include glasses, spit buckets, and pens and paper for taking notes.

Limiting your party to groups of ten or fewer can make it easier to share single bottles. It’s also recommended during the days when COVID-19 requires the limiting of household gatherings.

It helps to choose themes to keep everyone’s palates happy. You may, for example, want to compare bold red wines from Australia, California, and Portugal.

The focus of a wine tasting party should be the beverages. Some of your guests, however, may arrive on an empty stomach and you won’t want them to get more tipsy than they want to be!

Try tasty but non-filling options to accompany the wine. This may include bread, rolls, dried fruit, and even cheese fondue. The important thing is to make sure guests know they’re getting treated to a fun event where they get to sip, sample, and socialize.

2. Beer Tasting

Many folks prefer the casual atmosphere of a beer tasting to a more elegant wine tasting. The key to these is to keep things simple.

Too many varieties of beer could overwhelm guests and ensure they’ll easily lose track of what they’re sampling. You can whittle things down by focus on beer from a particular region or comparing two different beer styles. If you’re making your own brew, you may want to choose a popular local favorite to compare it to.

You can think about setting up “stations” for each beer around your home so guests can separate their impressions of each brew. Simple, starchy snacks work best, as spicy ones can make all of your beers taste bland. Soft pretzels, peanuts, and popcorn should all be enough to keep most of your beer-loving guests happy.

3. Olive Oil Tasting

If your guests are more culinary types, an olive oil tasting could be more up their aisle. With an olive oil tasting party, you can give guests tiny ramekins and allow them to dip bread in to taste varietals. Aromas they may notice include tomato, citrus, nuts, and herbs. 

In between oils, allow guests to clear their palates with green apple slices and water. After the official tasting is done, you can let them sample recipes drizzled in oil, including meats, veggies, and fruit.

Given current restrictions, it’s best to avoid sharing. Make sure guests each have their own mini-dishes for dipping and sampling.

4. Grilled Cheese Tasting

For guests with bigger appetites, a grilled cheese tasting may be just the hearty bite they’re looking for. It’s also a cozy way to usher in the colder months during the fall.

There are endless possibilities for experimenting with grilled cheese options. Before you host, you may want to ask guests for their favorite types of ingredients so you can be certain everyone is happy.

You may wish to have sourdough or grain bread and different types of cheese. Popular options include mozzarella, fontina, and cheddar.

Herbs, pickles, and fruits like sliced apples and pears are wonderful grilled cheese favorites. Veggies like sliced peppers and tomatoes, jams and mustards, and meats such as bacon and prosciutto also make wonderful options. 

If you’re feeling creative, let guests choose from a variety of ingredients and create their own. Or you can cut a few sandwiches into smaller pieces and allow guests to vote for their favorites.

Tomato soup is a popular option when it comes to dipping grilled cheese. You should also offer a fresh green salad. Excellent drink pairings include a pale ale, crisp white wine, or gin and tonic.

5. Coffee

If your guests don’t have hearty appetites or an affinity for booze, a coffee flight might be more their cup of joe.

You can offer your guests a few different brews to choose from, but don’t overwhelm them! Spice things up with options for sweeteners that include honey, raw sugar, and maple syrup.

You can offer creamers in different styles and seasonal flavors. The fall, for example, may mean pumpkin or hazelnut. Toppings can include caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

You can add fun options for stirrers such as candy canes, cinnamon sticks, and candy swizzles. You may want to hand out professional-style coffee cups with covers and holiday decor.

Food selections at a coffee flight shouldn’t detract from the fullness of your beverages. Consider a few homemade pastries, such as scones or muffins. If you really want to get creative, try adding a few mini-doughnuts.

A Magical Tasting Flight

When you’re ready to host a tasting flight, you can have great fun preparing to delight your friends or family with a variety of snacks or drinks. With a little creativity and a lot of heart, you’ll have the party of the season ready to go in no time!

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