The Effects of the Pandemic on Digital Marketing Strategies

A lot has happened since the emergence of COVID-19. While some industries have been experiencing an increase in online traffic, others have had their fair share of struggles. This trend has been going on for months and is expected to keep shifting.

With the pandemic affecting how businesses operate, most companies have had to revisit their digital marketing strategies. Flexibility has become a significant concern for companies that are mapping out their online goals. 

There has also been the need to understand when to accelerate online marketing campaigns. And as the effects of the pandemic continue being felt, it’s essential to understand factors that have so far impacted digital marketing.

The Positives Effects

  • More Conversions on Social Media

The pandemic has changed where people work. While in-office operations were a common trend before 2020, remote work is now taking the lead in business operations. More people are spending their time at home and this translates to most people also finding extra time to be on social media.

According to research by Valassis, it is estimated that 39% of consumers have been using social media more during the pandemic. This means that for any businesses that invested more in social media marketing, positive impacts have been felt in their digital marketing strategies.

And thanks to growth in influencer marketing, companies have been able to market their brands to a larger audience. It’s now more common to find businesses, both emerging and established, using influencers to sell their brands. And with the pandemic opening more opportunities in remote work, it is expected that influencer marketing will continue being a voice for most brands.

Social media has also stood as a necessary tool for customer service. Thanks to social platforms, sharing product information, and getting feedback in real-time has become more manageable. Even as the vaccine continues to change the trends of COVID-19, social media marketing is expected to keep growing and drive more conversions.

  • Paid Media Delivered Better Results

It’s no surprise that paid media has been delivering better results for digital marketing campaigns. Despite most companies downscaling on their internet marketing budgets, businesses that increased their paid advertisements experienced increased sales.

This is because such businesses could easily target specific consumers. With paid media, companies could easily choose the geographies or demographics of clients they want to reach. 

Paid media has also helped companies discover gaps in their digital marketing strategies. With the paid media revealing new opportunities every day, leaders have used it and will continue using it to leverage sales.

  • An Increase in Content Creation

The Pandemic brought about the need for more content. The use of blogs, emails, and articles that reflected the transition of economies during a pandemic gained more popularity. Businesses that have been at the forefront of educating their followers on COVID-19 have also improved content consumption.

As the pandemic continues to rage on, the demand for content on the pandemic’s effects on digital marketing strategies is expected to rise. And for any strategic business, this is the right time to share information about your continued customer support during these difficult times.

  • More Face-to-Face Interactions

A trend that has been growing throughout the pandemic is face-to-face interactions. The use of webinars and video-conferencing has been on the rise and will continue to experience this upward growth even in days to come. With most businesses operating remotely, communication tools such as Zoom will continue helping in team collaboration. 

Virtual communication may not be new. But the pandemic revealed its importance in scaling digital marketing strategies. With most organizations now going digital, we expect more developments in online platforms that deliver better interactions.

  • More Focus on UX Web Design

UX web designs make it easy for people to interact on websites. With more people spending time online, the focus is now shifting to elements that improve websites’ conversion rates. Elements such as usability, accessibility, and reliability are gaining significant growth. 

Because of the changes in interactions, it’s now more common for companies to consider their web development goals. For most organizations, finding a web design company that delivers elements that help in fast conversion is a top priority. The pandemic has also brought about a focus on digital marketing agencies that help businesses rank higher on search engines.

The Challenges

  • Search Traffic Fluctuations

The early stages of the pandemic were confusing. There was little talk about business sustainability and more about saving lives. This changed what people searched online, leading to a decline in the search for business information. 

While most companies may have experienced this, those that shared information about the virus have a different story to tell. A report shows that 87% of consumers appreciated brands that went out of their way to share information about COVID-19.

Information about how to stay safe or measures at business premises helped scale online marketing strategies. The information may not have directly affected digital marketing campaigns but was excellent at building trust. 

By showing concern, businesses were able to retain existing customers. Such customers have offered referrals and recommendations necessary for the growth of most brands.

  • Fewer Announcements About New Opportunities

The pandemic has brought about its fair share of uncertainties. While the introduction of new businesses was standard in the past, companies are now more cautious about market products. 

For most businesses, the pandemic had them take a back seat from online marketing plans. Announcements about new opportunities were also on the decline. This may be for the simple reason that fewer consumers were converting through lead generation tools. Or that the uncertainty surrounding the future of most brands was unpredictable. 

But all in all, a better understanding of the pandemic is pushing the businesses back to normalcy. Also, firms that are keen on the changes in digital marketing can now introduce and advertise products. Most changes involve knowing your customer base and planning the right time to place your offers. 

The Final Thoughts

Even with the challenges, the pandemic still offers opportunities for the growth of online businesses. The effects of the pandemic are still being felt, but with more significant planning, companies are expected to keep thriving. With better digital marketing strategies, businesses can expect increased traffic, better conversions, and an improvement in revenues.