Why I am Getting Poor WiFi Signals On My Netgear WiFi Router?

It can be really annoying to have weak or poor WiFi signals, especially when you are streaming videos or doing some important task. At times, users encounter with poor or no WiFi issues with their Netgear routers and this can be due to wireless signal interference or some kind of a technical glitch. Exploring this tutorial, we will help you fix slow or internet issues with your Netgear WiFi router.

How to Fix Weak WiFi Signal on Netgear router?

If the WiFi signal is poor or weak in some areas of your home and you can’t use the internet to the fullest, then you might want to change some settings of your Netgear router. Go through the troubleshooting tips highlighted below and resolve the poor or weak WiFi signals issue with your Netgear router with ease. Let’s take the plunge!

Change Placement of Your Netgear Router

Wrong placement is one of the most common yet major reasons making users baffle of struggling with poor WiFi connectivity. Most users do the mistake of keeping their Netgear router in a corner or cabinet. But, doing so will limit the range of your Netgear device. Your Netgear router must be placed in the middle of your house within the range of your modem or access point. So, changing the placement of your Netgear router would be one of the best solutions to get the continuous WiFi signals all over the house.

Note: Before you relocate your Netgear router, ensure that there are no interference-creating devices or obstructions nearby. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the most out of your Netgear router.

Check if someone is Leeching Your WiFi

If you have not yet changed the Netgear routerlogin-net admin credentials, chances of WiFi leeching can be high. The best way to prevent such issue is to protect your Netgear router by changing its default login credentials.

Besides, if you are one of them who never deny sharing their WiFi password with guests, then it’s better to create a separate guest network for them, instead of sharing your Netgear router password.

If there would be least traffic on your WiFi network, chances or low or poor internet connectivity could be less.

You Haven’t Updated Netgear Router Firmware

It’s been more than a while you purchased your Netgear, but you haven’t updated its firmware to the latest version, right? If so, your Netgear router needs an update. To get the latest firmware version simply navigate to Netgear Genie login page, go to the “Settings” section, and check for the latest firmware updates under the “Firmware Update” option. If you find the latest firmware updates for your Netgear router, simply follow the on-screen instructions to get the job done.

Switch to a different Channel

This troubleshooting tip might be really helpful to you if you find number WiFi devices active around you. On the off chance that there are devices connected to the same channel as of yours or connected to the same WiFi network, for instance, Netgear_ext, it’s better to switch to a different WiFi channel that is less congested. You can simply change the channel of your Netgear router by accessing the Netgear router login page via www.routerlogin.net.

Wrap Up

To make you enjoy the uninterrupted WiFi network of your Netgear router, we’ve summed up a number of troubleshooting tips in the post. In the event that your Netgear router is still not giving you the expected internet range, seek for a quick assistance from technical experts. To reach out to us, drop your queries into the comments section.