11 Best Bedroom Ideas – How to Decorate a Master Bedroom

A master bedroom should exemplify comfort, relaxation, and joy. But no matter how luxurious your sheets are or how comfy your bed is, it’s easy to get tired of your surroundings. So ask yourself: is it about time to redecorate your bedroom? 

 If you’re thinking about redesigning your master bedroom this season, there are many cool ways to do so. Here are the eleven best bedroom ideas and new décor trends to decorate your master bedroom.

1. Go Blue

Dark and moody shades of blue are a favorite among homeowners and interior designers. From dark navy hues to blue/gray tones, blues are calming and peaceful, making them perfect for a bedroom.

Update your master bedroom by painting your walls blue. You can also opt for blue curtains, bedding, and accents. Whether you’re creating a masculine, feminine, or neutral space, one thing is for sure — dark blue walls will bring the drama.

2. Embrace Scandinavian Style

You don’t have to shop at IKEA to outfit your bedroom in true Scandinavian style. But if you’re on a budget, it’s a great place to start.

 The Scandinavian design style is all about having a decluttered space. It incorporates light colors and various textures. It’s streamlined and functional. It’s beautiful but never overdone. It’s a perfect balance of style and simplicity.

 To give your bedroom a Scandinavian look and feel, choose light, natural wood furniture and flooring. Top that off with neutral textiles and bedding to create a perfectly minimalist, modern space.

3. Mix Rustic With Industrial

Debating whether to decorate your bedroom in a rustic style or an industrial vibe? There’s no need to choose between the two; you can enjoy a hybrid of both techniques with the “modern rustic” aesthetic.

 The rustic side of the equation calls for exposed wood elements and the use of multiple textures. The industrial element comes into play by adding metallic finishes and geometric features.

 The combination of the two makes for a truly modern and unique space.

4. Upholster Your Headboard

Fabric headboards are a unique and personalized decor style. Not only do they soften up your bedroom, but they’re a great way to add both color and texture to your master suite. From velvet to leather to suede, headboards come in all shapes and sizes to suit every individual’s style.

 Don’t have space in your budget for a new headboard this year? With a few yards of fabric, some wood, and a few tools, you can DIY a fabric headboard in one afternoon! 

5. Add a Statement Piece

Ready to give your bedroom a brand new look without buying all new furniture or painting the walls? You can do so with ease by incorporating one simple thing:

 A statement piece.

 A statement piece can be a work of art, an accent table, a sculpture, a lamp, anything! Just find something unusual that you love and make it a focal point in your room.

6. Hang Pendant Lamps

Give your bedroom a fresh, modern look by ditching your table lamps in favor of hanging pendant lights.

 You can hang pendant lamps on either side of your bed or directly over your bed.

 This lighting trend is one that we see more and more of. And it doesn’t matter whether you decorate your bedroom in rustic, modern, or traditional style. Pendant lamps work with any aesthetic.

7. Keep it Neutral

Neutral isn’t boring or basic. When done the right way, a neutral color scheme can turn your bedroom into a stunning space!

 And the right way to create a neutral bedroom is to keep everything neutral. Pick two or three shades of coordinating neutral tones. Then, keep your color palette consistent using textiles, bedding, furniture, and decorative accents.

 Shades of gray, light brown tones, and earthy hues are all great options. But if you want to make it undeniably minimalist and chic, opt for the classic neutral palette of white on white. 

8. Paint in Pastels

Need a little color in your life? Pastel paint colors are an emerging and lasting bedroom decor trend.

 Think sage green and peach to dusty pink and light blue. Pale, soft tones set the tone for a cool, calming, and relaxing bedroom.

 Don’t feel like painting your walls? Wallpaper your room, or even one wall, in pastel patterns or tone-on-tone textures.  

9. Tile Your Bedroom Floor

Terracotta tiles are making a comeback! But not those shiny, highly polished tiles you see in foyers and Spanish-style homes.

 Make it modern by opting for terracotta tiles with a matte finish. It will give your bedroom a slightly more rustic look.

10. Create a Statement Wall

The only thing better than adding a statement piece is adding a statement wall.

 Mount textured wall panels to create a 3D wall. Hang oversized art above your headboard or in place of a DIY Foam Headboard Hang printed wallpaper on the wall behind your bed. Create a gallery wall from floor to ceiling full of framed art.

 If you’re handy with a paintbrush and need a DIY project, paint your own mural. That’s a surefire way to ensure that your bedroom is one of a kind!

11. Make it Sustainable

There’s no bigger decorating trend than sustainability, and that’s for a good reason.

 We’re all concerned about the planet and the environment. Fortunately, when it comes to interior design, there are lots of easy ways to go eco-friendly.

 If you’re remodeling your master bedroom, now is the perfect time to install sustainable bamboo wood floors. But if you’re just looking to redecorate with some fun, new accents, there are lots of ways to do that as well.

 Add natural elements, such as rattan and reclaimed wood, into your room design. Incorporate plants and greenery to give your bedroom an indoor/outdoor feel. Pick up decorative accents or furniture made from recycled or reused materials.

 From sheets to furniture to flooring, sustainable products are everywhere!


Regardless of your budget or personal style, there are numerous design trends you can embrace that give your master bedroom a brand new look.

 Just remember this:

 No matter what the current trends are, decorate in the style that you like. After all, your bedroom needs to be a place of comfort. Be sure to surround yourself with colors and design elements that look good and make you feel good! 

Dominique Daniels has 5 years of Property Management experience working primarily in high-end apartment community living. Her ability to consistently deliver white-glove service to her residents and prospects has propelled her in a successful career that now finds her leading the team at 15th Street Flats.