Sourabhh Mitra’s Inspirational Journey In Media And Events Industry Is A Must Read

When someone wants to make a mark in the events industry, he/she constantly needs to be in the good books of many individuals and masses and present them with unique and creative work. And like any other creative field, it takes a lot to establish and set your foot in the market. Through his creativity and unique concepts, Saurabhh Mitra was able to establish himself in the market. Born in a small city of Gujarat called Surat, he started his journey as a freelancer at very young age and worked to gain experience in different cities like Pune and Mumbai, under various companies. Later, he joined a renowned event management company in his own city to study the market and gain some local experience. After a lot of struggle, he managed to start his own event company in Surat and now he works with some very known corporate companies and NGO’s. He has flourished as one of the finest event managers in the industry. At a very young age, Saurabhh had already worked with many Bollywood celebrities and some big names in the entertainment field.

Saurabhh has also mastered the art of multitasking. Apart from event management he also works on a ground level as a social worker since many years. He is connected with most of the NGOs and is also a core member of one of the leading NGOs in Gujarat. He always actively takes part in a lot of social activities taking place in his city and is a very trusted person in the market, when it comes to taking a responsibility and managing an event.

Saurabhh‚Äôs event management company has gained popularity because of his unique concepts and impromptu ideas which he executes on field. His company also holds few records for the breathtaking events he executed in the city. He says, ‚ÄúTo survive in the event industry you need to have some new ideas or a creative mind, otherwise all your hard work goes to waste.‚ÄĚ

Saurabhh has an impressive learning potential. Due to the complexities involved, the extensive body of knowledge is required. In this rapidly changing environment, event management is frequently cited as one of the most stressful career paths but he believes that passion is the fuel to success. Everyone has their own ways of getting started in life. He says ‚Äúlet it be a good situation or a bad one, every incident gives us a learning which eventually helps us to grow‚ÄĚ.¬†

After taking over the event management industry in his city at a very young age, Sourabhh decided to set his foot in the world of digital marketing. He recently opened his own PR firm called , Saffron events and media house. As he has conducted a lot of events in the past few years, Sourabhh has established a very good rapport with the media and he is excelling in that field as well. He has managed to make a really good clientele base in no time.

Sourabhh Mitra’s inspirational story definitely sends out a message that it’s never too early or late to begin anything you desire, if you just set your mind on it and work towards it, whole-heartedly.