Piblitz is revolutionizing the concept of Hardware development and open-sourcing

Building and innovating any Hardware Product is excruciatingly difficult. Even taking up the task of finishing a hardware project aptly takes a toll on time and money. Traditionally speaking, improving a previous version of the project is not simple and requires painstaking efforts.

Amidst the Covid-19 crisis when educational institutes are yet to function normally, an engineering graduate from Government Engineering College, Bharuch, has developed World’s first collaborative Knowledge Development and projects documentation platform for the Scientific Communities and Engineering Institutes.

Engineers Dharmesh Rajput and his brother Harnish Rajput developed the platform – piblitz.com – solely with the purpose of enabling the bright individuals of our country and beyond. It all started when Dharmesh was suddenly inspired by the idea of creating an open-source hardware community platform while watching an air cooler at his home because he desired to improve it but did not have access to the specific blueprints and the hardware knowledge of that Air cooler.

Owing to this incident and a long-term communal success mantra, this duo had a clear mission statement set on course – ”​Complete Digitization of Hardware with the same philosophy of Open Source Software.” Creating something that makes hardware open source and available to the people making life a lot easier, was something that the duo wanted to put in place.

Peeking into their backgrounds, Dharmesh completed his engineering from GEC Bharuch in 2018, while his younger brother finished his engineering studies from SVNIT this year. In the interview conducted, Dharmesh quoted, “Considering the current pandemic situations and the regulations imposed amidst this adversity, the sole option of developing a platform where researchers, engineers, and many talented individuals could simply host and share their ideas and projects. He continued, “The arduousness of involving various modes of communication could potentially be eliminated whilst maintaining the purpose of sharing and receiving relevant project-data anytime, anywhere.”

The duo also claimed that this will serve as an open-source knowledge-sharing platform for other students. The project data hosted on this platform can pose opportunistic development for professionals working in the same field.

The primary reason why some of the extremely bright individuals worldwide fail to realize the worth of their projects is that they cannot represent their projects easily (Virtual Portability of Hardware Projects)​ at any place, given any time.

Technically speaking, this unique platform named Piblitz offers ​a one-stop place for engineers ​and anyone with the will to share their innovative projects/ideas/knowledge on the platform.

Piblitz revolutionizes hardware development and open-sourcing. For instance, consider some projects like prosthetic body parts, newer materials, newer technologies, and newer ways of introducing the mechanics involved. All this just proves that this field requires significant future improvements. Engineers and Innovators can share their ideas, projects, CAD models, schematics, etc. and make substantial contributions to the field.
They understand that engineers need to have a cloud-based platform to share/store all their significant projects and use/contribute to them ​WHENEVER and WHEREVER required. Piblitz aims to provide that platform which is the need of these aspiring bright minds who are capable of reigniting the flames of knowledge and welfare for society.

This amazing platform has also received an exemplified recognition from Startup India. Piblitz has more than 1500 users, which includes active users from premier institutes like IITs and NITs.