WOTLK Classic – Some Secret and Easy Gold Farming Methods

Gold farming as an essential aspect on WOTLK Classic takes a ton of time from the most of players, but today I want to talk about eight effortless gold farming secrets in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, there’s no grinding, no pushing for making WOW WOTLK gold, and it keeps coming in effortlessly. I want to share with you those methods and locations that I’ve been making gold extremely easy and you can copy this and do this for your realm. If you learn anything from this article, and want more WOTLK Classic content, don’t forget to focus on MMOWTS.com news, so let’s begin.


Number one we have Dealer Rashaad, this guy sells some really great pets and the prices are insane. For example the Parrot Cage (Senegal) maket value nearly three gold, the Cockroach sells quite well at five gold and the Brown Rabbit Crate can even worth 22 gold. The most of all, we have the Mana Wyrmling selling for 50 gold, though it is a little expensive at 34 gold to buy, but you get more than like 14 gold, it’s a decent profit.

Elwynn Forest:

Coming into number two, we have Donnie Anthania, the Crazy Cat Lady, she sells the Cat Carrier (Bombay), which worth 38 silver but three gold for selling. Meanwhile, you can find other Cat Carrier can be sold much more than it cost as well, like the Cat Carrier of Orange Tabby is five gold, Silver Tabby almost six gold. It’s crazy because you can buy these again and again to get a large number of gold as long as players are looking to get all of the different pets.


The third method is looking for Shylenal, the owl trainer. The Hawk Owl that she sells valued eight gold on the auction house, we can purchase it for 45 silver here. Then the Great Horned Owl has the similar price.

Thousand Needles:

Tips number four on Thousand Needles in the Shimmering Flats, there’s a vendor here called Magus Tirth, you have to do emote to him and he will sell you the Ancona Chicken, those chicken sells quite well and you can buy it for one gold and sell it over 10 gold, that is an amazing profit. The journey is not easy, but think of the profit from those Ancona chickens, it totallly worth it.

Tips For Alliance Players:

Then the number five, we have The Moth keeper Sixx, here we have a Blue Moth Egg selling for almost six gold, you get it for 45 silver. The White Moth Egg and the Yellow Moth Egg are four gold and you can get them in 45 silver as well. However, these are actually for Alliance only, if you are an alliance player, it is a good chance to sell them on the neutral auction house to horde players. On the other hand if you’re a horde player, you could also buy them at the neutral auction house, and sell it on your own Auction House with double or triple price.

The number six tip we’ve got a real secret vendor in Thunder Bluff called Halpa, who’s the Prairie Dog vendor. Barely no one thought can actually purchase a prairie dog whistle for a mere 45 silver, and it sells extremely well on auction house from 12 to 21 gold, which depending on your server. But the alliance do not have access to the prairie dog pet, you can check the neutral auction house and go re-list that on the alliance auction house for a great markup. This is a little hidden secret tip, not many people know about it.

Tips For Horde Players:

On top of that, for seventh method we’re switching over to the Horde side, Xan’tish, the snake vendor in Orgrimmar. He sells three different snakes, the Crimson snake, the Black King snake and the Brown snake, each of these from two to four gold, very similar to the cats we were looking at. But it could be more on Alliance side near 18 gold, Horde players can list this on the neutral auction house, then the alliance would buy for using it themselves or listing it for even higher on the auction house. 

The final tip is a vendor called Jilanne in the Fairbreeze Village in Eversong Woods who sells Dragon Hawk hatchlings. You can buy the Silver Dragon Hawk hatchling, the Golden Dragon Hawk hatchling and the Red Dragon Hawk hatchling from her. These hatchlings sell a lot in the alliance auction house in my server, about 25 gold for the Golden Dragon Hawk, 20 gold for the Red Dragon Hawk and 15 gold for the Silver Dragon Hawk. In horde auction house might be a little bit less, when you list them on the neutral auction house once again, the Alliance players who are trading savvy will buy them very soon and list them on the Alliance side. It’s a little bit hard to go to this location, that’s probably the reason why they’re so expensive. Meanwhile, she is a non-descript vendor, there’s no descriptions or anything, so most of people do not know about her, it is a great idea to stock up and sell them slowly one by one at a time, to gain a great gold.

Off Game Methods:

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