Why Women Are Avoiding Synthetic Wigs This Summer?

Summer is here, and it’s time to make the greatest summer memories while dazzling with the best hair wigs! After all, a stunning wig hairstyle is the crown jewel of every ensemble! Wigs are becoming increasingly popular; to some, it’s as simple as any other minor modification to enhance their look. 

Due to the popualirty, women are rejecting synthetic units in favor of human hair wig! They are ideal whether you are spending your summer at the beach or attending pool parties! They provide a variety of styling options as well as other benefits (which we will cover later on) that synthetic wig cannot!

Do you want to know why women are saying no to synthetic and choosing wavy & curly wigs? Continue reading to find out. 

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Reasons You Should Ditch Synthetic Hair Wigs This Summer

  • When you wear wig, you want them to look as realistic as possible. But synthetic wig are not durable and have an artificial gloss that you can see from a mile away. 
  • You can only use synthetic units for a few months (if you are willing to put up with the unnatural shine). 
  • If you are ever stuck and cannot choose between human hair vs. synthetic wig, choose the former! Synthetic units are not versatile at all! Summer is all about looking amazing and experimenting with hairstyles! But with synthetic wig, you cannot use any kind of heat-styling tools without melting the plastic fiber. 
  • Even colored synthetic wigs look awfully fake since they are made using synthetic fibers. You won’t be able to color synthetic wig, so in the end, it’s a waste of investment. 

Why Women Are Choosing Human Hair Wigs This Summer 

  • The first and most popular advantage of wearing wigs is the infinite range of styles that is attainable with it. You can heat-style human wig to achieve any texture and hairstyle. 
  • You can choose from a variety of wig styles. You can choose wig that complement your natural hair or go dramatic with a new appearance, ranging from golden bobs to long brunette styles! 
  • Indique’s lace front wig provide a realistic look regardless of the texture or length. 
  • The best feature is that they are all temporary; there are no long-term obligations, and your wig collection will grow and evolve with your sense of style. 
  • Unlike synthetic wig, you can enjoy several styles while maintaining a natural and realistic look. 
  • Another reason why women are choosing human wig is because of the convenience and that they save a lot of styling time. 
  • If you cannot find a color match, then you can dye virgin human wig! 
  • Women are wearing human hair wigs because these units protect natural hair. Hair wigs can help you care for your natural hair since they shield it from heat and harsh chemicals. 
  • One of the most exciting advantages of wearing hair wigs is that they help you regain confidence and feel terrific again.

How To Wear Human Hair Wigs & Stay Cool In Summer?

As previously mentioned, hair wigs provide a natural look, which is why women are choosing them over synthetic hair wigs. If you are worried about potentially overheating with hair wigs, then read these tips to wear them and stay cool in summer. 

Choose Lighter Colored Hair Wigs 

To prevent any chance of overheating in the summer, choose lighter-colored hair wigs. That’s because lighter shades don’t absorb heat as much as darker ones and will help you stay cool and breezy! 613 and honey blonde human hair wigs are great options! However, if you can’t find a light-colored wig, shop from Indique Virgin Hair and get it professionally colored. Since their wigs are made from pure Indian hair, they will deposit colors beautifully. 

Go With A Shorter Length 

Shoulder and bob-length wigs are great ways to stay cool with wigs. The shorter length will help with the airflow. You can even trim and customize your slightly longer wigs. 

Choose Low-Density Wigs 

Choose lower-density wigs if you want to flaunt gorgeous styles while still keeping cool. Go with lace front wigs. The density is just right, and you can feel the premium quality as soon as you install them. 

Choose Hair Wigs With Lace Material 

Cap construction greatly affects how hot you feel with wigs. There are several types of cap constructions, but nothing beats the lace front wig construction for summer. 

Unlike silk material, lace-based wigs are thinner, lighter, and softer. Therefore, we recommend getting full and lace front wigs. Lace front wigs are well ventilated, and the lace allows proper airflow. They are the perfect units for summer, thanks to their breathability. 

Stay Away From Heat-Styling Tools While Using Wigs

Wearing a warm wig in the heat is not a good idea. So, avoid using heat-styling tools like curlers and straighteners to stay cool this summer. You could style the human hair wigs beforehand or get wig in various textures. 

Other Options To Stay Cool This Summer With Wigs  

  • Protect your wigs from sun damage by using hats with mesh panels. 
  • Headband hair wig are great for summer, thanks to the thin and soft fabric. 
  • Wear wig caps under your unit. The moisture-absorbing layer will help with the heat. 
  • Wash your wigs regularly to eliminate additional oils and perspiration accumulation, which can cause your wig to become heavier and hotter.


Now that you know why women are saying no to synthetic wig and choosing human hair wig this summer, what are you waiting for? We even mentioned our list of tips to wear human hair wig and stay cool throughout the season! As previously stated, hair wig offer versatility, styling options, coverage, and breathability like no other. 

So, shop for the best lace front human hair wigs from Indique Hair and create amazing memories in style! Indique’s lace front wig are handmade to last, and every unit is made using a special steam process– no chemical involved! Don’t wait any longer. Get yours today!


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