Why every law firm should start using Matterly

Do you manage a law firm? Then it is quite important for you to use appropriate legal software that can benefit your business. A law firm CRM is one such tool that can surely help your business. If you are searching for such a legal CRM, you may take a look at Matterly without keeping a doubt on mind. Let’s deep dive and learn what Matterly is all about.

What is Matterly?

The best legal CRM is Matterly, which can assist you in managing your profession of law. Numerous small legal offices situated all across the United States find it to be highly popular. You would be able to advance the capabilities of your CRM once you begin utilizing Matterly.

You would be able to speed up the majority of the processes, for instance, while reducing paper waste. You may electronically sign legal papers using Matterly. However, Matterly can assist you with scheduling appointments, managing tasks, and even paying. With all the options that Matterly provides to make your life simpler, you will undoubtedly fall in love.

Exploring the features of Matterly

Now you have a basic idea on what Matterly is all about. While keeping that in mind, let’s explore the features of Matterly in detail.

  • Detailed case management

Create customized data fields to effectively gather, store, and search for case information in the areas or practices of your law firm. Put each of your legal concerns into a separate category with its own obligation and payment.

  • User-friendly dashboard

The most crucial KPIs for your law firm are easily accessible via the Matterly dashboard. Discover in one location upcoming deadlines, the number of days your company has been open, and much more.

  • Easy to use

Matterly has led the field in cloud-based company administration because to its intuitive interface and smart design. Older software might sometimes have a complex user interface; however, Matterly Dashboard is easy to use.

  • Easy to implement with third party tools

Your legal firm’s usage of a range of tools and services may be integrated with Matterly. Matterly integrates with several applications, including Office 365, Google Maps, Zapier, QuickBooks, Slack and Zoom. With the help of Matterly connectors, many law firms are able to efficiently build on Matterly’s features and develop a law practice management system that suits their needs.

  • Multiple payment options

It’s possible to create detailed or summarizing invoices. Track the status of past-due invoices, reward prompt payment, or automatically apply late fees. It is clear how hard and soft costs vary from one another. You may maintain precise financial records by keeping track of reimbursable charges.

  • Easy to set up

Matterly is among the simpler programs to use because of how simple it is to use. In comparison to other legal software, Matterly may be deployed without a software specialist’s assistance.

  • Business accounting support

All of your accounting needs, including savings accounts, accounting records, accounts payable and receivable accounts, in addition to financial statements, may be handled by Matterly. For a predetermined fee, Matterly offers split-billing assistance in addition to comprehensive financial reporting.

Final words

Now you know what Matterly is all about and the amazing features that it offer as a law firm FRM. Anyone who is looking for a legal CRM to make life easy and get more work done in a streamlined manner may think about taking a look at Matterly. You will never regret about the decision that you take to proceed with using this tool.