Why is the Canon printer not working on Windows 11 PC?

Canon is a top Japanese company and best known for manufacturing imaging devices like cameras. In hardware, Canon manufactures a wide range of printer devices. These printers have a simple interface and provide good printing services. You can connect your printer to a PC using a cable or wirelessly. The New Canon printer also provides a network connection. You can add the printer to the router and share it among devices on that network. But like other hardware, your printer may show some issues from time to time. Some users reported the Canon printer is not working on Windows 11.

Causes behind Canon printer not working

The printer connection gets interrupted

Canon printer services are not working

The print function gets a runtime error

Canon printer driver is corrupted

Empty toner

The cartridge is not installed correctly

The printhead is not working

The firewall is interrupting the Canon printer Wi-Fi connection

Resolving Canon printer not working error

Run a printer troubleshooter

When your Canon printer is not working and showing any error code, run a printer troubleshooter. You can get printer-related errors when some printer files are not working. Finding and fixing printer files on Windows 11 PC manually is difficult. To repair those files, you can run a printer troubleshooter. Windows OS offers an inbuilt troubleshooter tool. Open the Security & Update tab and search for a troubleshooter. Click on Additional Troubleshooters and go to Printer. Hit the Run button and your printer troubleshooter tool will start running. Wait until the troubleshooter is running on your system. You will see a wizard on the screen. If the wizard shows Fixed status, reconnect your printer and try to take the printouts.

Power restart your Canon printer

Canon printers will stop working if some printer services get stuck. To resume those services, you have to power restart the printer. Check your Canon printer connection and ensure that the printer is On. Remove the power cable and wait for about 10 seconds. Reconnect the cable and restart the Canon printer. Now reconnect the printer to your device and take your printouts.

Check the ink level

If your Canon printer printing blank pages or shows any printing issues, check for the ink level. Your device will show issues when the ink in the cartridge is very low. Go to the cartridge and check the ink level. If the ink level is very low, you should get a new cartridge for your printer. For cost-cutting, some people use clone cartridges on Canon printers. Those cartridges will show printing issues. Some Canon models can’t recognize clone cartridges and show errors. You should only use original cartridges on the printer. If you can’t get the original cartridge, go for an ink refill. Take your original cartridge and purchase ink. Refill the ink on your cartridge and reinstall it. Your Canon device will start working once it finds the cartridge.

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Repair Canon printer driver

Your printer needs a driver to communicate with the Windows computer. If your printer is working on other devices but showing errors on Windows 11 PC, check for the driver. Your Windows device must have a driver for your Canon printer model. Go to your PC and open the drivers’ folder. Check for the printer driver. Ensure that you have installed the correct driver for the printer. If you don’t have a printer driver then check for the CD you received with the printer. Copy the driver and install it on your computer. If you can’t use the CD, get the printer driver from the internet. Open the browser and visit the Canon website. Search for a printer driver for your Canon model. Select the correct OS and click on the Download link. Open the downloaded file and run the setup. Install the driver and restart the computer. Now reconnect your printer and wait until your device finds the driver. Your printer will show available status and you can start taking your printouts.

Check your printer connection

Printers need a stable connection to work. If your printer is connected via cable, eject it. Now check the cable from both ends for any damage. If your printer cable is damaged, get a new cable for your device. Sometimes, a printer shows connection issues when the USB port is loose. Use a different port to connect your printer to the PC. If the printer is connected wirelessly then check for Wi-Fi. Ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is working on both devices. Restart the Wi-Fi button on your printer and a lamp will start blinking. Go to your Windows 11 PC and open Printer & Devices. Go to Printers and click on Add Device. A list of available devices will appear on the desktop. If your Canon printer is not available; choose the “Not listed” option. Your device will start searching for the available devices. Wait until the Canon printer appears on the list. Choose your printer and hit on Add Device. The Canon printer lamp will stop blinking and now your printer is connected to the PC. If the printer connection is not connecting to the router, disable the firewall. Reconnect the printer to the router and check for issues.

Reinstall your cartridge

Some users get the error when the ink cartridge is not installed correctly. If you are getting the error after installing a new cartridge then eject it. Check for the plastic protective clip. A new cartridge has plastic clips to protect the pins from mishandling. But you have to remove those clips before installing them on the printer. Sometimes, the user installs the cartridge without removing the clips. Remove the clips and reinstall the cartridge correctly. If you are getting the error after installing a refilled cartridge then eject all cartridges from the printer. Start installing cartridges on your printer one by one along with the refilled cartridge. Your printer will recognize the refilled cartridge along with other cartridges.

Clean the printhead

The printhead requires regular cleaning as it gets clogged due to dry ink. You should try cleaning the printhead of your Canon device. Run the printhead cleaning utility tool 3-4 times. You can also clean the printhead manually. After cleaning, reinstall the printhead and now check for errors.


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