Why it’s important to get a Xero certification for an accounting job interview

Congrats! You’re a new accounting graduate. Many happy accounting graduates are keen to start their careers and join the workforce. But unfortunately overcrowding and high unemployment rates are common in Singapore. It’s not uncommon to hear NUS graduates complain about the difficult interview process and how challenging it is to find a job as an accountant. And NUS is the best university in Singapore!

The reason why new graduates struggle is because they lack the experience with softwares that the business uses. Let’s imagine that you interview at a medium-sized company who uses Xero. If you can’t use Xero, the interviewer might not want to hire you because they don’t want to have to teach you how to use Xero. That’s a huge loss for something so simple to learn.

There are plenty of Xero accounting courses with great teachers who’ve been in the accounting industry for decades. They can even share their mistakes with you and offer you the connections and network that you might need to land a job in your dream firm!

Also, there’s a “Certification” part of your resume. Many students ignore that because it’s at the bottom but employers usually look very closely at your certifications to get an idea of your past experiences, interests and work ethic. Taking a Xero accounting course outside of your NUS accounting degree tells potential employers that you’re someone who’s proactive to learn and keep up with technological change.

Taking a course is different from simply reading the manual of Xero’s software training. It’s a different learning experience when you’re in a classroom setting with other passionate individuals and a teacher who encourages stupid embarrasing questions. Xero’s software training is usually only given to accounting firms who are Xero Gold Partners. But lots of bookkeepers at accounting firms are now making this information more widely available by offering their time to share their decades of experience.

“I’m a 50 year old bookkeeper at a medium-sized accounting firm in Singapore. I was embarrassed at not knowing how to use Xero but took the leap of faith and took a weekend Xero accounting course. I’m so surprised by the amount you get to learn in a short two-day course. It sounds unbelievable but I feel so much more confident at work when talking to my colleagues!”

Clearly, it doesn’t take that much time to learn Xero and aside from boosting your finance resume, it’ll give you something to talk about with your interviewer and can be a source of confidence when starting at a new position.