7 Proven Techniques to Grow Your Mobile App Userbase

Launching an app is a wonderful feat. However, do you think it’s over? You have another thing coming. You might think creating an app is the hardest thing you would have to do, but you are in for a show. Creating an app is one thing, but turning it into a successful venture is another. To make your app successful, you need a strategy that expands your app userbase. You need to adopt and improvise countless mobile app userbase techniques in order to hit the home run.

However, there isn’t a static strategy that one can follow and grow their mobile user base. It’s a mixture of technical, social, and psychological elements. Now, the question arises, how can one grow their mobile app user base? To answer this question, we have dug deep on the internet and found seven proven methods or techniques to grow your mobile app user base. Follow this article to learn the seven proven techniques and grow your mobile app user base in no time. Let’s begin.   

A Strong Landing Page                                                                           

Your mobile app is created with a purpose. A purpose to provide the customers with a particular solution. A purpose of solving something. Customers want to know each and everything about a product before they hand out their credit cards. A strong landing page is a must-have thing in your app campaign strategy to provide them the needed information.

 A strong landing page contains all the necessary information your product has to offer. Since your product is a mobile app, the content of the landing page will be according to that. The landing page of your mobile app will work as a sales pitch, and you have to make it count.

A rule of thumb regarding landing pages is that one should introduce a problem, its effects, why the solution is necessary if not important, and then propose the solution (which will be your product). To grow your mobile app user base, you need to convert those sales, and a strong landing page is a perfect start for that.

Customer Reviews

Whenever you are in the business of people, you need to understand their psyche. To make sales is to conquer the mind of the customer. Understanding consumer behavior is the next step toward a successful market campaign. So, what are we talking about here? How do we understand the customers? To answer these questions, we simply need to put ourselves in their shoes. For instance, most clients and customers, when buying a product or opting for a service, look for reviews.

Since it is a blind buy, learning through the experience of others is always helpful for customers. So, how can you increase your mobile app user base with this method? Well, ask for reviews. Whenever a customer downloads your app, an integrated review pop-up should ask them to review the app. An app with a substantial amount of positive reviews garners trust, which is what you want to potentially increase your app’s user base.

Social Media Presence

There isn’t a better market to promote your mobile app than social media. Billions of people use social media every day, and this creates the perfect scenario for your mobile app to gather a global mobile app user base. Having a strong social media presence is necessary, if not important, for your mobile app. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit are extremely powerful social media platforms to ensure a solid user base.

Establish a robust presence on social media, and inform the masses about your mobile app. Its features, what it offers, and the need of it in the lives of users. It is important to note that you would need organic as well as inorganic approaches to market your mobile app. Growing your mobile app’s user base is not easy, but social media marketing definitely kicks it down a notch. Plan an SEO budget plan and run organic vistors campaing on targeted locations based on your app solutions and ensure solid engagements.

Video Marketing

Nothing translates your story better than a well-produced video. Video marketing is a popular digital marketing strategy in modern times. Video animations and marketing often cover information that usually requires a long article to disperse in minutes. Let’s face it, users hardly have the time to read a 1000-word article. They prefer short, crisp, and to-the-point video that does the same job. As a person who is looking to expand their mobile app’s user base, you need to consider video marketing.

Create your company’s YouTube channel and upload informative content regarding your mobile app. The better you inform your users about the merits of your mobile app, the better your chances of growing your mobile app user base. If you have a knack for creating unique video content, go for it. You can also opt for video creators and animators. Hire a video animation agency, tell them your precise requirements, and receive the video that translates your product globally.

Influencer Marketing

Ever since social media burst through the global scale, influencers and content creators have garnered a special place in the hearts of users. Since creators worldwide have the “influence” over their followers, a new marketing phenomenon was created. Influencer marketing, or endorsement marketing, is predicated on the influence of creators to endorse a particular product to their followers and fans on social media. Depending upon your budget, you can either opt for individual creators or go big with famous celebrities.

Since you are dealing with a mobile app, the best market or people to promote your mobile app is tech influencers. There is an entire niche of tech YouTubers and content creators that you can contact and have your mobile app promoted. It is the most popular way to expand your mobile app user base and something that you should definitely go for. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are probably the four biggest platforms where you can reach tech influencers and have your mobile app marketed.

Affiliate Program

You can hire an agency for SEO & Digital Marketingand get your mobile app the treatment it deserves. However, there are other popular ways to grow your mobile app user base. One such way is affiliate marketing. If you have no idea about affiliate programs, allow us to shed some light on the topic in question. To put it simply, affiliate programs incentivize users by allowing them to garner users for your mobile app for discounts or commissions.   

For instance, mobility service providers often promote their mobile apps through such affiliate programs. They get their users to promote their app through an affiliate link, and whoever clicks on that link and download the app, the user whose link it was gets the reward in terms of a digital wallet. This not only motivates the users to market your mobile app to their friends and family, which will inevitably increase the downloads, but also offers rewards that they can redeem later.

Keep It Updated

Lastly, to grow your mobile app user base, you need to be mindful of a few things. First, you can’t have the develop-it and release-it mentality. Your mobile app, like a car service, needs to be maintained regularly. Keeping your mobile app updated will benefit not only the onboard users but also improves the credibility of your company and its product.

The internet is filled with examples of such apps that failed to retain their mobile app user base. You don’t want to be one of them. Keep your development side intact. Better the experience of your mobile app, listen to user feedback, and implement it. A successful mobile app addresses users’ problems, so having a competent development team that can address technical issues promptly is a must. You can also outsource the development process depending upon your requirements and mobile app user base.