What is the tactical mode of a tactical flashlight

Are you frustrated because your flashlight isn’t bright enough when searching for a target? Are you annoyed by the short runtime and frequent battery changes? Are you afraid of water in your flashlight when you’re out in the rain? A tactical flashlight solves all of these problems. Today we will introduce you to the practical aspects of a tactical flashlight.

What is a tactical flashlight?

In the flashlight industry, there are broadly two types of flashlights: tactical and general. Tactical flashlights must meet the requirements of military and police use.

In fact, the tactical flashlight is not fundamentally different from the normal flashlight in terms of principle and structure. However, tactical flashlights must be suitable for use in a variety of harsh environmental conditions, which is why the requirements are particularly high. For example in terms of lumen performance, color temperature, shock resistance, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, longevity and so on. These are also the aspects that we use to compare a flashlight.

What is turbo mode?

Turbocharging was originally a form of power transmission for cars or large machines, but flashlights also use this power supply. This allows the flashlight to reach or exceed the brightness of a car headlight for a short time. This leads many novice users to wonder why the flashlight only lasts for a few minutes before its brightness fades.

The brightness of the flashlight goes hand in hand with a corresponding power consumption. The higher the brightness, the more power is consumed. This generates more heat inside the flashlight and the housing gets hotter. To mitigate the effects of overheating on the circuits and extend their lifespan, the excellent temperature control system automatically reduces the brightness and increases the efficiency of battery use.

The turbo mode is therefore not intended for the permanent illumination of an area, but for brief, step-by-step full brightness when the situation requires it.

At maximum brightness, a powerful flashlight emits a neutral white or cool white light that can be instantaneously blinding to the eyes. To blind attackers or wild animals in dangerous situations, many tactical flashlights can be turned on in strobe mode to create visual interference on the target. In other words, the light is switched on and off in extremely rapid succession, creating a highly blinding, disorienting effect.

For added tactical functionality, some manufacturers add an aggressive bezel to the front of the flashlight. This stainless steel front bezel is extremely strong and sharp, for example, it can smash the windows of cars to escape.

A tactical flashlight for most people

For many professional users, the pursuit of rich functionality and extreme performance is the highest standard. It is also important to have a simple and easy-to-use, user-friendly design so that it can be operated smoothly even in stressful situations.

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Warrior X 3 tactical flashlight

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As a pure tactical flashlight, the WARRIOR X 3 is very easy to use. There are only 2 levels of brightness: high light and a low mode. It doesn’t have a strobe mode, but that doesn’t stop it from being an excellent tactical flashlight.

Features like the maximum brightness of 2500 lumens, the maximum beam distance of 560 meters, the zirconium bead bezel, the silent vibrating alert when the battery is low, etc. are things that many regular flashlights don’t have.

What other flashlights can police and security use?

For day and night duty, it is essential to always have a flashlight with you. Illumination distance is very important for nighttime searches. When it comes to securing a vehicle, a flood light is very appropriate and can also be useful in vehicle maintenance.

Baton 3 Premium EDC Flashlight

This compact flashlight produces good illumination and is suitable for everyday use as well as for outdoor use. With its cool white light, it can reach a distance of 166m at 1200 lumens – extreme values ​​for such a small flashlight.

The lens design of the Baton 3 produces a light with a wide spread but also good brightness in the center of the beam, which is useful for night walks. The illumination is almost 180 degrees. The light can also be attached to the cap, so the spot can illuminate the ground in front of your feet without having to lower your head.

In addition, the small flashlight has a strobe mode.

The waterproof rating is IPX8, which means that the flashlight can be submerged at a depth of up to 2 meters for at least 30 minutes without any performance degradation or water ingress. Thanks to this high standard, the flashlight works perfectly even if it is left in a full sink or similarly shallow water for several hours.

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