Types of Calming Plants That Are Impossible To Kill

Maybe your living room doesn’t get the natural light you’d like or your office needs something green but the closest thing to the sun is a flickering fluorescent light. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a plethora of pretty houseplants!

Your space will instantly be serene and peaceful if you pick the right kinds of plant that is suited for your liking and placement. Now, be mindful that not all plants are keen on water or sunlight, so research before buying a plant. 

So it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to greenery as a form of beautiful home decor! But did you know these botany babies may also carry the potential for awesome health benefits?

Some plants can filter out harmful pollutants and chemicals in the air, help boost your mood, concentration, and memory, may help reduce stress and anxiety and help enhance healing environments for patients. Plus, they can also make your room feel like an exotic jungle, which is pretty neat.

Peace Lily

It doesn’t get much more calming than a plant that’s named “Peace Lily.” Known for its hearty, dark green foliage and beautiful white flowers, the Peace Lily is another plant that can withstand the test of hands-off maintenance.

They can handle low light and dislike being watered too much, says McDonough. Basically, leave it alone and don’t annoy it. 

Hindu Rope Plant

The Hindu rope plant is an interesting gnarled and curvy hanging plant. It has cupped leaves and a vine-like growth habit. Being succulent, it will go dormant and stop growing if there is a severe drought. Just so you know, caring for succulents or cacti is the easiest way to start your home plant caring adventure. These plants require little to no maintenance and it is very, very hard to fail and kill them.

Once watered it rehydrates and continues growing. As long as the Hindu plant can get three to four hours of indirect sunlight per day, it can eventually reach the floor from a lofty hanger.


This plant also goes by the name devil’s ivy. It is also the favored houseplant of Costa Farms‘ horticulturalists, Justin Hancock. It’s so easy to care for since it flourishes in bright, medium, or low lights.

Plus if it dries out a bit, it’ll usually bounce back. The plant has heart-shaped green leaves which are often speckled in either gold, cream, silver, or white colors depending on the variety.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreens are great plants for those who don’t have a lot of natural light coming into your place. So perfect for those in apartments that might not have many large windows. 

They can also go two to three weeks without moisture so if you forget to water them, they’ll still survive. And when you do water you don’t need to do a lot. Just enough for the top 2 inches of potting mix to be dry afterward.

Corn plant

Dracaena plants, like the Corn Plant, are known to be some of the most forgiving plants on the market. This green guy loves bright, indirect light, a little bit of water when the surface soil is dry (and reduced watering in winter months), and a warm home environment.

Key takeaway

Being the crazy plant lady is the new crazy cat lady for most people. Right now, a lot of home decor has a huge emphasis on bringing the outdoors indoors with plenty of houseplants. While it is definitely aesthetically pleasing, as well as has health benefits, there is the problem of maintenance.

To help you enjoy all the benefits of more greenery without the added stress.