Top 9 Technology Focused Venture Capital Firms in India

India has recently seen a rapid growth of startup industries in recent years. Entrepreneurs are working harder and are motivated to make a change in the country with their out of the box ideas. But this growth has only been possible due to the support Venture capital firms in India offer during the early and growth stages.

These VC firms focus on supporting startups and businesses by offering capital findings to help nurture their exceptional idea in the hopes of creating a better future. Here are the top 9 firms, who fund tech-based startups.

Venture capital firms in India

1. Endiya

The top venture capital firm in India, Endiya is focused on funding startups and entrepreneurs with business plans in the technology-focused industry. The venture capital firm is primarily a cofounder VC firm active primarily in the healthcare and digital transformation industry. Some known fields they have invested in our business enterprise technologies, mobile platforms, cyber tech and so on.

2. Blume Ventures

Established in the year 2010, Blume ventures’ motto is to reimagine the startup industry in India. They are primarily focused on funding businesses and startups during the early stage fundings and are typically active in the technology-enabled industries.

3. Prime Ventures

Prime Ventures is another major venture capital firm that aims to support the growth of companies in the technology-related industries. Apart from offering capital to startups and entrepreneurs, Prime ventures also help mentor them for disruptive growth and shape them into a leading organization. The venture capital firm has been active since 1999 and was originally established in the European region.

4. Pi Ventures

Another major venture capital firm in India that is primarily active in supporting startups and businesses with capital funding. The firm aims to support entrepreneurs across India that work with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to find a solution to current challenges.

5. Stellaris

Stellaris is a venture capital firm that provides funds during the seed and Series A rounds to entrepreneurs and startups companies in India. They are primarily active in the technology industry and firmly believe that with the right support, anyone can change the world. Stellaris venture capital firm focuses on areas such as digital services on the internet, healthcare and technology-led financial services.

6. India Quotient

Situated in Mumbai, India quotient is an early-stage investor that funds startups and disruptive businesses working in the technology industry. The venture capital firm was founded in 2012 as is also commonly known in the industry as IQ. They are a Micro VC and venture capital type of investor.

7. Sequoia India

Sequoia India, another major venture capital firm, active in Southeast Asia and India, that provides funding during the early and late-stage ventures. Established in 2000, Sequoia India has had close to 400 investments to this date. Sequoia India is located in Bengaluru, India and has worked with businesses such as Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Airbnb and so on.

Technology-focused venture capital firms

8. Lightspeed India

Lightspeed India, founded in 2004, is a venture capital firm that focuses on providing capital to startups in the technology industry. In addition to offering early stage and growth capital to startups and entrepreneurs, they also provide consulting and advising services to guide new business leaders for growth.

9. Chiratae Ventures

Established in 2006, Chiratae Ventures is a VC firm primarily dealing in providing capital funds to entrepreneurs with the talent to grow their business in the technology industry. They are also known as IDG venture India and have had more than 160 investments to this date.

Entrepreneurs who are looking for capital funds for their startups, consider the list of technology-focused venture capital firms above.