Top 5 Reasons Why Vinyl Wraps Are Good For Your Business

Have you ever thought of getting your car vinyl wrapped? You’ve probably seen businesses with creative car wraps that feature eye-catching, high-resolution graphics and even a call to action. Vinyl wraps will not only make your business look professional, but they are also one of the most cost-effective advertising. Igna Signs & Graphics can design unique custom car decals for any vehicle, including motorcycles, vans, and trucks.


With commercial vehicle wrap for advertising your business wherever you travel, you may improve awareness of your location and the services you offer in your local area. By displaying your business’s message and representation in your vehicle, you can also increase brand awareness in your community. 

Personalizing your vehicle wrap may incorporate calls to action to help you collect leads even when you’re stuck in traffic! You can include phone numbers, website URLs, locations, a QR code, and other information so that anyone interested in your company’s services can immediately take action.


Consider custom car wraps in any way you choose, but car decals, bumper stickers, and vehicle wrap all attempt to protect your car’s paint and body from scratches and minor dents caused by road debris. We are all aware that they are the common adversaries of every business owner. Therefore, why not keep your vehicle in great shape while using it as your most effective marketing tool?


You can show what you want and how you want it to look. Since vinyl wraps are produced at a high quality and are highly customizable according to your preference, you may let your imagination run wild. Choose any text, photographs, or graphics and place them wherever you wish on the vehicle. Our crew can assist you with your design or work with you to put every feature on your car exactly where you want it. 


While custom car decals may seem pricey, they are the most cost-effective and convenient solution for business brand awareness. Vehicle custom paint jobs can get costly at some point. Custom-made vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are incredibly affordable. 

You’ll have to spend much more money to produce similar effects using paint, and the results will be permanent. Also, many creative designs are impossible to produce with paint, and a vinyl wrap will result in higher quality and resolution.

On the other hand, paint can be damaged much easier, and vinyl coverings are scratch and chip-resistant, providing long-term value. Additionally, it takes time to discern the difference between paint and a vinyl cover. Considering all the advertising value you get from a vinyl wrap on your car or van, it’s an investment with significant returns.


Paint gives a vehicle a glossy and finished appearance. It also protects against rust, which can severely destroy a car frame if it gets inside. However, paint cannot guard against chips or dings that frequently occur when driving.

You can avoid all of these things with a vinyl car wrap. Because of its stiffness, the protective layer can help safeguard your car from minor harm. The good news is that if the wrap becomes damaged, it can be removed and replaced without causing more damage to the vehicle.

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Companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract customers’ attention. Car wraps in Chicago are a highly effective tactic. Igna Signs & Graphics is your excellent option for high-quality wraps.

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