Tips to Make the Most Out of Diablo 4 Open Beta Weekend?

With the Diablo 4 Open Beta Weekend just a few hours away, here are some tips to help you make the most out of the experience. We’ll start with a warning from Blizzard: expect long queue times on Friday, when the gates open for everyone, and during peak regional windows. Maintenance windows may occur during the weekend, so be prepared for some server downtime.

Group up with friends
Being close to other players provides a 5% XP increase, which will be doubled if you form a party with your friends. If you don’t have friends, don’t worry! The weekend is free to play, so just use the comment section of this article to find other players and join them.

Hit dungeons and open-world events
You can find these marked with orange circles on the map. These will provide the highest density of mobs, XP, access to bosses, and tons of loot. Hitting dungeons in the Fractured Peaks will also give you access to Legendary Aspects, which will be useful to augment your build and promote items to Legendary quality.

Experiment with classes and skills
Don’t be scared to experiment with each class and skill until you find the one that clicks with you. Each class fits a different power fantasy and within each Diablo 4 class, there are different builds that you can choose. Right now, Diablo 4’s gameplay loop heavily favors range builds, so if you’re struggling with early levels, maybe pick that instead.

Play on Veteran difficulty
This will help you level faster since you gain more XP from mobs and more Diablo 4 gold drops. And the difference in difficulty is almost non-existent to the first difficulty. You can freely switch between these later on at the World Tier Statue in the main town.

Loot caves
There are two in the game that are great for loot farming. Dead Man’s Dredge is southeast of the map and is densely packed with mini-bosses and lots of chances for Legendaries to drop. West of Nostrova there is a level 35 boss that can drop high-level 400 rares that can be upgraded with Legendary Aspects to get the best Legendaries in the game.

World Boss
Ashava the Pestilent will spawn four times during the free weekend. It will drop a handful of Legendaries every time you defeat it, and once per week it will give you the Legendary Spoils, which will provide another handful of Legendaries.

The Butcher
Starting from levels 15-20, you should see this boss pop up more often in dungeons. It’s a relentless chase against you using hooks to pull you in and rushing towards you to stun you, but it’s a very fun fight. If you defeat it, there is a chance you get its unique Legendary.

Region progress
Don’t forget to complete Region progress too, as it will give you two extra Skill Points, extra XP, and Diablo 4 gold. You can farm Renown by hitting the smaller camps that you find around the map, and there are three major strongholds in the Fractured Peaks that you should hit, at least at level 20 or 25.


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