Tips to Track Agent Performance in Inbound Call Centres

The revolutionizing market trends and the altering services demand the need for call centres to be up-to-date always so that customer satisfaction is never at risk. The key performance indicators (KPIs) help companies know the areas requiring instant assistance and so does it for the BPOs. Accessing business performance is important to check the potential pitfalls so that the same is analysed beforehand.

In the call centres, the agents reach the customer, thus their performance check is crucial. Customer satisfaction is imperative and no compromise to the same is imaginable, thus a track on employees’ performance can help avoid probable miss happenings. Both outbound and inbound call center services need 24X7 assistance so that customer satisfaction is never threatened. To make sure that customer satisfaction is thriving, tracking agents’ performance helps.

If you are a company offering the call centre inbound facility, make sure to check the agents’ performance, so that the shortcomings are analysed and resolved without any delay. Inbound call centres take care of the partners’ customer support where they are liable to manage the incoming calls relating to any inquiry.

Most companies today outsource their inbound call support responsibility to a reliable call centre provider in the market so that 24X7 services is not a dream. The market competition is growing and businesses are reaching their customers with modern technologies and advanced services every next day. This is the reason it is vital to take care of the customer requirements splendidly so that the users’ do not shift to the competitor.

Call centres serve the responsibility of managing the outsourced partners’ customers, thus any risk is unacceptable. Every call centre has some metrics to judge its performance, thus tracking the performance is integral to maintain a name in the market.

How will call centres track their success?

Check out the tips the call centres need to follow to track business success:

Average Queue Time

If you are a call centre offering customer support service, keep an eye on your agents. Since the agents interact with the customers, thus their expertise is important. The agents need to understand that there is a specific time for call queues and that they cannot handle a call for too long. There are specific ways to influence the customers’ interest, ways to handle angry customers, and ways to convert leads. Thus, BPOs need to keep a track of their agents call queue timings so that the potential hurdles faced by them are resolved on time.

No customer wishes to be in long call queues, as everyone looks for an instant resolution. Thus, a check on queue time is important so that the managers can talk and help the agents with higher queue timings.

The longer the queue, the more the chance of customer dissatisfaction. To find the average queue time, you can divide the total waiting time by the total number of calls. For splendidly maintaining customer satisfaction, it is important to track agent performance and help them learn ways to boost services.

Check on the Numbers Blocked

BPOs offering inbound call center services need to keep a strict check on the numbers blocked by the agents. Some customers inquire about a query repeatedly and in most cases, the agents block the caller after a few calls.

Since customer satisfaction is supreme and the business has to maintain its brand name too, it is integral to keep a check on blocked numbers so that the market name is never at risk with a dissatisfied customer. Your call centre gains success when it can manage every customer request, thus the calls that are missed or are blocked need a check.

Also, such instances help to trace calls that are blocked unnecessarily.

Answering Speed

To check the inbound call centres probability of success, the answering speed to the agent for the call needs surveillance. The time in which the agent picks the customer call is important to ensure the customers’ interest in the business service.

Imagine you call a service provider and receive an answer after a whole ring! Isn’t it irritating? Well, the speed of answering the caller has a great impact on customer satisfaction, thus it is significant to ensure that there is no risk to the same.

The call centre inbound firm needs to train the agents to offer out-of-the-box support and assure that agents answer the call immediately when there is a need.

Tracking Service Level

Inbound call center services need to analyse their service level performance often. By service level, we mean the number of calls answered in a specific time. This KPI is basically to understand the employees’ capability wherein the real-time information is shared between the agent and the manager.

Since agents reach the customer with the business-related information, thus their expertise and efficiency matter a lot.

Call Handle Time

Call centres need to keep a check on their agents’ call handle time too. The caller’s satisfaction is directly connected to the handling time and the way the agent interacts with the customer. Thus, to analyse your call centres’ performance, a check on handle time is important.

The average handle time is supposed to be neither too long nor too short. Thus, as managers, help your agents understand the significance of less handle time and ways it can boost their productivity.

After Call Time

As a call centre agent, you are expected to be a superhero who finishes his task with ease every time. Most BPO agents take a lot of time when it comes to after call time to update backlogs and to send emails and other stuff.

However, this after call time needs to be low and for a successful call centre performance, the agent needs to get back and show availability on-call swiftly too. Thus, the after call time needs a check so that the agent does not take too long to be back!

Agent Attrition

Inbound call centres tracking their agents’ performance to analyse business productivity need not forget that agent turnover rate is a big metric to be considered in measuring business success. Increasing attrition is not a good sign for the business and managers need to work upon the same to find out the pitfalls.

Well, the call centre investing in re-hiring and training is losing time and money, which is why agent retention needs to be checked. To ensure that agents stay back and the business saves itself from unreasonable expenses, it is important to check attrition rates and reason for the same.

Agents earn the bread and butter for the business, thus their dissatisfaction is not good. Introduce new plans for their privilege, give holidays, sick leaves, health plans, propose outings, plan break timings, etc. and ensure that your call centre has a happy work environment. Any company’s progress does not fully depend on its employee’s performance but also on the organizations’ behaviour with the staff.

Occupancy Rate

The time spent by the agents in handling the calls and even the work associated with the same is occupancy rate. Companies offering inbound call center services often miss this essential metric, however, the time spent by the agent in handling both the calls and its associated work needs to be analysed.

For better outputs and success possibilities, call centre inbound firms should ensure that they assure that the agents have enough free time post-call handling. Over pressurizing, the agents may lead to attrition disputes, thus work-life balance needs emphasis.

Businesses succeed only when they have happy customers as well as happy employees.


To analyse business performance and agents’ work, it is vital to track the days where the agents are unavailable too. Since it is important to analyse and manage budget accordingly, thus a strict check on agent absenteeism is important.

This KPI helps to schedule calling systems for call centres accordingly as per agent availability, thus, avoiding the same is not profitable.

Wrap Up

Keeping a track on call centre performance have been around for years, however with time, the KPIs have turned out towards analysing agent performance better. Inbound call centres understand the significance of agent performance, which is why updating the business systems and employees’ performance check is integral.