Tips to level up in New world game

The New World video game has taken the world by storm by attracting a huge number of players. The high budget massive multiplayer online role playing game is different from other games because it has pirate theme unlike the usual fantasy theme.Since there is more focus on the PvPfights in this new game, some players may find the need to level up in order to match the competition.

There are several ways by which you can level up in New World. You can increase your character stats, your trade skills and your weapon skills. You can take help of new world boosting to increase these. Additionally, you can use the tips mentioned below to level up in the Hew World game.

  • Make sure you’re in a settlement before you log off from the New World Game. In this way, you will get a well-rested XP bonus when you return.
  • The weapons in the New World game level up separately and not according to your character level. Hence, PvP fights are an excellent way to hone your skills, get experience and level up.
  • One of the fastest ways to level up is by competing the Quests found in the Town Project Board. Sometimes, you can complete quests by buying a few items at the auction shop in the town.
  • Levelling up your trade skills will also fetch you a nominal amount of general XP.
  • Try to build up your town standing and expand the number of XP you can obtain in that area so that you can a bonus and XP rewards for completing any kind of quests.
  • Picking up side quests and finishing them alongside the main quests can help you to level up. As a new player, this can be your main source of XP. Read more about at
  • Try to find fast travel shrines so that you can warp to different regions rapidly. Also, having a home in a separate town from the inn which you’ve signed up for will provide you with more options for fast travel. Minimize your downtime and increase travel efficiency by travelling fast.
  • You can hit a monster when another player is fighting it to gain XP and weapon mastery. This doesn’t cause any harm since the other player gets XP and weapon mastery for defeating the monster.
  • You are allowed to take up 12 town missions at one time and this will give you a lot of XP, coins and settlement reputation.
  • If there are any everyday bonuses available in the faction board then you can get bonus XP from the faction quests. The faction board is usually shown at the top of the display monitor when you are talking to your faction’s representative.
  • When you finish the faction missions from the New World faction representative of every town, you get some XP. Apart from this, the faction missions scale with your present area and higher level regions with fetch you additional XP.
  • Try and interact with all the documents that have a faint blue glow to it. Some of them may help you get XP.