Tips To Clean A Shotgun Thoroughly

Shoguns are like babies to their owners, and keeping them clean makes them happier than anything. Weapons demand more attentiveness while cleaning because they are designed with higher complexities, and even a single mistake can lead to the malfunctioning of your gun. That is why you are recommended to follow all the guidelines and proper steps for cleaning your weapons.

If you are a hunter or seasonal user of shotguns, you must know the significance of cleaning your shotguns before initiating to use them every season. Right? According to experts from Natchez Shooters Supplies a clean shotgun can take your shooting level up to the next level with remarkable accuracy and precision in your hits. You can also get it cleaned by a gunsmith, but it will ask you for some investment, and also, it might not be up to your satisfaction. So, you must be careful about it.

Things You Need To Clean A Shotgun

There are a few pieces of equipment required for cleaning a shotgun thoroughly. These cleaning tools must remove every sort of dirt and debris from the cores of your gun. So, let us see what things are required for proper and effective cleaning.

  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning rod
  • Bronze wire brush
  • Cleaning patches
  • Pieces of cloths or paper towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Gun oil

Steps To Clean Your Shotgun

Keeping all the complicated procedures aside, I am here with pretty more straightforward steps to thoroughly clean your shotgun. But make sure you are very careful while performing each step. So, let us get towards them.

Step- 1

Partially Disassemble Your Shotgun

Tearing your shotgun depends upon the type of gun you own. So, disassemble your shotgun into its primary fragments. Make sure to leave the whole action intact for over-under. When it comes to automatics, you have to disassemble your gun until you can clean every moving part or area where gas seep off causes some development. The pump of your gun can be stripped all the way but make sure you do not remove any small fragment from inside the action.

Note: Never do a complete disassembly of your gun on the road until you are forced to do it. It can cause the loss of some fragments like spring. So, be cautious all the way of cleaning your shotgun.

Step- 2

Degrease Your Gun

For decreasing your shotgun, you need an aerosol solvent powder or a degreaser as only it can clean the areas with massive build-up. Try to avoid spraying any part that contains small springs or fragments. Spring powder solvent into unwanted areas can cause a whack into the areas you don’t want it to be. Your main concern should be the barrel, gas chamber, choke tubes, and every other area that contains metal on metal friction.

Step- 3

Swab The Barrel

Barrels must always be clean to draw a smooth shot. So, take the bronze wire brush and clean each barrel thoroughly. Push the barrel with a cleaning rod and try to remove all the powdery residue. Also, take a cleaning patch and clean the barrel while making sure there is no residue left.

Another way is to drop the cord through the barrel to the ground, remain on the rope, and gradually pull the barrel up, drawing the BoreSnake through it.

Step- 4

Scrubbing Chokes

Use a brass brush that is attached to a three-piece cleaning rod’s handle part. The cleaning solvent you are using should be sprayed into the tube now and start scrubbing it. Scrubbing does not take long. For scraping the crud, you can use a rifle brush. Use a clean brush for it and if it is not clean, use a few extended blasts from an aerosol solvent.

Now you have to clean the barrel’s thread, and it can be done by using a straw and a solvent spray. Splash solvent to blast out the possible crud. Use a cleaning brush as it can easily loosen up anything. Clean it thoroughly as it is a very critical part of accurate aiming.

When done, reinstall the choke with a touch of oil to forestall seizing, and make the last swab through with the BoreSnake.

Step- 5

Clean The Action Slightly

Clean the action sightly and avoid doing it much because greasing and cleaning solutions can cause some dysfunction in particular areas by attracting dust or powder. In moving parts, use cotton swabs, brushes, and rags to eliminate all the debris and dirt particles. If you have an automatic gun, you need to clean the piston and spring located around the gas ports.

Step- 6

Lubricate The Action Slightly

Every shotgun is different from others and needs a particular type of lubrication. Some need only a dab of grease, but others can be satisfied by getting oil.

Step- 7

Reassemble The Gun

After cleaning your gun:

  1. Do a complete visual inspection of the whole gun.
  2. Clean the spot you find dirty and now apply a thin coating of oil on the outside surfaces of your gun.
  3. Tighten up all the screws or fragments that you tore down before and reassemble your gun as it was before.

Step- 8

Practice Swings

After reassembling your gun, you have to check it if it is functional or not because sometimes you lose some little parts while cleaning without knowing it. So, take a minute out to open and close the action. Now shoulder the gun and make a few shots to have practice swings. Make sure everything is working correctly.

Final Verdict 

As you know the significance of cleaning your shotguns, know that the vitality of steps for cleaning your guns is also crucial. You must not compromise on the above guidelines because swaying from them can cause damage to your guns. Weapons are always designed with many complications and a little unasked action can make it go in waste. So, beware while cleaning and be cautious as much as you can because it is very significant. Have a happy and jaunty cleaning of your shotguns!

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