Home Aesthetics: How to Choose Artworks for Your Home

Setting up and decorating your new home is a tiring yet terrific experience. You add elements and touches to each of the rooms that not only appeal to others but make the living space what you can call ‘home’.

No home can be complete without artworks, be it abstract or contemporary, the walls got to have something on them, right? No matter if you choose a statement piece or something basic, artworks are an important part of the home aesthetic and do a wonderful job of creating the perfect vibe.

Moreover, artwork helps in defining the personality of the homeowner. They help in adding character to the interiors. So, when it comes to selecting artworks for your home, there are certain guidelines you need to follow so you select the right piece for your home.

If you reside in Dubai, there is no better place than Artwork Dubai to get the perfect art pieces for your living space. Moreover, art grows in value over time. Having said that, let’s take a look at these tips:

The Bedroom

The bedroom happens to be a place where you can retreat for relaxation. And the art that you put up in your room should reflect that serenity as well. The best places to hang wall art is on the wall directly over the headboard or opposite to it. Also, see that you get large scale pieces. Moreover, they should be hung at eye level.

Get soothing or calming tones, preferably abstract pieces. Landscapes and desaturated photos will look great if you are into photography. See that the frames are not over top. Simple frame designs do the job best. Like a gallery frame or canvas. The key is to focus more on the artwork rather than the frame it is encased in.

The Living Room

Surely, this is the most fun room to decorate. Also, the pressure is real. This is the room where most of the guests are going to spend time. So, you are aiming for the room to reflect your taste and appeal to others as well. So, choosing the right art piece could be a conversation starter as well. Not only that, the artworks you plan to hang there is going to help you in setting the feel or vibe of the space. You could go with a single large piece or setting up a large gallery wall.

Also, the art you use doesn’t necessarily have to be a canvas or print. It can take other forms as well.

The Kitchen

This might sound surprising to some. But, one of the most commonly forgotten rooms in terms of decoration or artwork is the kitchen.

Most of the time is spent here if it is adjoining to the living room or dining room. Some people prefer to eat in the kitchen and have the dining table set there. Thus, it needs to be decorated as well. Countertops or the spaces above cabinets are great for some artworks.

The key is to opt for smaller pieces since you want to add an artistic element rather than overwhelm the place. Funny or social arts do the job well.

The Bathroom

In terms of art, the bathrooms are neglected often. The artwork that you decide to go with should complement the bathroom interiors. It should go with the vibe of the bathroom. For example, go with bright or fun pieces if it’s a powder room. It could be two different pieces that have the same theme or abstract art pieces. The best places for displaying them are over the bathtub and the toilet. The place over the robe/towel hooks is good too.

The Study/Office

Artworks could be great means to add that personal touch to your working space, no matter if you work from home or in the office. Also, some artworks serve as inspiration. How about a rotating gallery? You can install a floating ledge shelf over the workspace or close to it. You would just need to hang that shelf.

Now, pick out some pieces that inspire you. You can make a mood board sort of thing with positive images, quotes, or works from an artist that inspires you. Use different sizes. The options are endless; you could do so much. You can either have all of them in similar frames or for a minimalist look with different frames to add some character. You can rotate or update these pieces when you get bored. Cool idea, no?

If you are shifting to your new place or plan to redecorate the existing one, using the above tips while adding artworks to your home could make all the difference to your interiors. However, you would need to plan, and browse the different art museums and art galleries in Dubai. Good luck!