6 tips for learning with YouTube

Do you think you have to sit in the bib until night to keep up with the knowledge of your fellow students? Nope, wrong. You can also do this with your laptop on your lap in your home country or anywhere else. Why is YouTube so addictive for educational purposes? We give you six important tips on why and what you can do on YouTube to get more educated. If you follow our tips and mentioned YouTube channels, you may start your own channels and get more YouTube subscribers eventually.

1. Light of knowledge

Short videos, which give an understandable insight into topics in the subjects of languages, math, chemistry, physics, and history, provide the channels of “need to know”, for example. Always look for five to ten-minute videos explaining the basics of your desirable topic. It’s important to have a short-video because that way your subconscious mind won’t be bored.

2. Youtube is a Knowledge logger

There are smart people who like to share their knowledge via video for almost every subject. There is Daniel Jung, for example, who concentrates solely on the mystery of mathematics. He not only explains what the Gaussian algorithm is but also answers questions from his viewers. Also recommended: “Khan Academy” with extensive educational films from the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, history, and economics along with TEDxTalks.

3. Little summary of everything

From the Abitur reading to the Reclam booklets for your studies to “Lord of the Rings”, the videos of “Summer’s World Literature to Go” explain the actions of the literary classics in a short time using Playmobil figures. This not only helps if you have not read your seminar reading but also in the evening with some smart shit in the pub. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to read the book fully due to your work schedule. There are many YouTubers who try to summarize the books and give you the best lines from it.

4. You can learn languages

Why should you try to get a place in the overcrowded language course when you can learn almost all languages ​​easily on YouTube? With a little discipline, language studies can be individually adapted to everyday life. One of the largest channels is “Easy Languages”. Native speakers from all over the world show their countries and teach you their language on the side. This is a great way to prepare for your next trip or semester abroad.

5. Lectures everywhere

Oversleep? No desire? Your dog ate the notes? No problem, many of the lectures that are held regularly have now been taken up by a benevolent fellow student and posted on the Internet. Just go looking. Even universities and lecturers now often offer their lectures online.

6. Youtube’s educational channels

Last but not least, you should definitely research YouTube educational channels. Here you can find lectures and videos from top universities around the world. There is also a selection of interviews with renowned international scientists. The whole thing is divided into disciplines such as art, history, medicine, or economics. Along with it, don’t forget to check TED talks where you’ll find top-tier lecturers about any kind of discipline.

Ariana Smith

Ariana Smith is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of bigjarnews. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Thepetsmagazine.