The Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Love Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces are the quintessential embodiment of hearth and home. There is nothing quite like having the occasion to sit in front of a fireplace. If you add in a good book and a warm drink, you have the ideal ingredients for a pleasant session of relaxing and unwinding. As such, the type of fireplace you use also helps to create the right atmosphere.

There are three types of fireplaces: gas, wood-burning, and electric. Each class presents various advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, each style is beloved by different people for specific reasons. For a long time, Australian homeowners rarely looked beyond wood-burning heaters for their home heating needs. However, technological advancements have increased the appeal of the other types. As a result, electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular.

Therefore, this article lets you know why people love electric fireplaces.

High Energy Efficiency

Electric fireplaces operate under the basic principle of heating ambient air. These heaters draw cool air into the device, where heating elements warm it before circulating it back into the room. The primary advantage of this system is the lack of interaction with the outside environment. As a result, outdoor conditions don’t affect the heater’s operation, thus keeping heat energy loss to a minimum and maintaining high-efficiency levels.

Monitoring and controlling the consumption of an electric fireplace is also easy. Moreover, the quick operation when switching on and off allows you to regulate your energy usage while keeping your home comfortably warm.

High Safety Standards

Using an electric fireplace is both safe and straightforward. These heaters produce heat without the resultant smoke, thus reducing the risk of carbon monoxide toxicity. Moreover, their lack of an open flame helps you avoid fire risks within your home. Therefore, these high safety standards allow you some peace of mind when dealing with children and pets who are all over the place while your electric fireplace is on.

Ease of use

Using and operating an electric fireplace is much easier than using a wood-burning heater. First, activating the device is as easy as flipping a switch without acquiring and adding any fuel. Furthermore, most modern electric fireplaces come with remote controls that enable you to light the appliance in comfort and then set and adjust specific temperature and display settings.

Thus, using an electric fireplace releases you from the rigours of tiresome and time-consuming fire-lighting processes. Moreover, you can more easily regulate the desired temperatures within much tighter specific ranges.

Low maintenance

Using electricity as an energy source in your home’s heating certifies no accumulation of smoke, creosote, ash and gas flame residue. This lack makes cleaning the electric fireplace significantly more manageable and, in turn, has lower maintenance requirements.

Additionally, the absence of moving parts, as well as the ability to operate without external interference, reduced the risk of premature failures and eventual damage. This advantage means that you only need to follow the recommended maintenance, care and troubleshooting guidelines to keep your fireplace in peak operating condition.

Low space requirements

Electric heaters operate without the need for flues, vents or chimneys to redirect gas and smoke away from your home. As a result, these fireplaces are easy to install and can fit perfectly into an appropriate wall space, thus allowing you to make the most of the rest of the available room. This attribute makes it easy to install an electric fireplace in any room you like.

Electric fireplaces demonstrate the heights to which ingenuity can take you. They are the most effortless home heating devices in use today. So, if you feel that your home can do with a heating appliance that is easy to install, operate and maintain, contact your local heating expert to discuss the options available.

 Once your electric fireplace is in place, you will be able to enjoy numerous precious moments where you gather with your family around the heater to savour the blissful warmth and valuable company.