The Success of TelPug

TelPug is a telecommunications company with a friendly approach to mobile top-ups. With the adorable Pug as the face of its operations, their brand recognition continues to soar. The upward trend also applies to this telcom’s customer base and total profits!

What is the TelPug Promise?

A company’s brand identity and overall values drive its operations forward. There are 4 key promises that embody TelPug‘s company’s core qualities:

  • Speed
  • Security 
  • Real-time Monitoring 
  • Friendly Support

Their speedy fulfillment of mobile top-ups, the added security that their alternative payment method gateway provides, their real-time notifications, and their incredibly friendly support makes TelPug the online top-up provider of choice. In fact, their customers have been so happy that the brand grew through word of mouth and online referrals. This paved the way to successful investment offers from those with a keen sense of smell for emerging businesses.

Investor Success

There is no beating around the bush, TelPug has received over 1 million euros in investments. The added funding came from interested partners and angels that saw TelPug’s scale up potential. 

The telcom grew so much in just a little less than two years. Their service area keeps getting bigger and bigger, and their clientele keeps growing. As of the moment, TelPug services people in over 160 countries worldwide. They also allow the sending and receiving of mobile top-ups anywhere in the world.

It is also important to note that 2022, so far, has been TelPug’s most profitable season. There is nowhere to go but up for the friendly Pug.

Reload Now with TelPug!

TelPug is one of the most profitable companies in the telcom industry, with a profit margin that has never been higher. They are scaling up internationally and receiving investments to take their success even further!

Head over to and enjoy safe, fast and reliable mobile top-ups!


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team