How To Find A Result Driven SEO Company

Your search to find a result-driven SEO company in India ends here. Since SEO makes or breaks an online business, your decision to find a result-driven SEO company is commendable. You are also not making the mistake many make of choosing any SEO company, which is wrong. Congrats on taking the learned approach of finding the SEO Company that suits you best for growing your niche business.  

With the SEO industry flooded with many companies claiming to be the best, it is only your responsibility to choose the best among them. Even appearing on top of the Google search does not confirm that the SEO Company India is result-driven. Hence, finding a result-driven SEO company is as challenging as developing your online business. There are two ways that an SEO company works to know if they are result-driven or just another agency. One is not doing enough, even with ample time, and the other is showing promising results in boosting sales.

So, check out the ways to determine if you’re SEO Company in India is result-driven, a company using black hat techniques, or nothing to improve your business. 

Signs to find SEO Company India is harming the online business

Many businesses hire SEO agencies, knowing the importance and need of SEO, paying a lot of money to get their sites ranked on the first page of SERP. SEO gives tall claims and big promises about results within a short time. They either do little or nothing or hurt and then do good to the site with many “churn and burn” practices. It involves buying many random links from worthless websites, using scraped or computer-generated content, and others to increase the rankings. 

Hiring an SEO company in India is vital, but also knowing what they do, either good or bad, to the online business is critical. Even for the best SEO Company, it sure takes time to show results, but following their services is essential. And the earlier knowing whether the SEO Company can show results is better than losing ground to competitors. Hence, it is crucial to watch for the following signs during the first few months of the contract will be helpful. 

  1. Though it is nearly impossible even for a great SEO company in India to show results within a few weeks or two or three months, they should show a site audit, analysis of the site’s link profile, optimized content, and blogs with a link to the site published in other sites.
  • Ask nothing with clients like you doing online business like CMS editor or admin access, Google Analytics view of admin access, target keywords, audits, penalties, access to social accounts, and Google Webmaster tools. 
  • Offer no suggestions or share their techniques and ideas for improvement to the clients but focus more on linkbacks to yield high results or give false excuses like the SEO practices being confidential, too technical to explain, and others.
  • Getting a manual penalty within the first few months of hiring an SEO company in India is a bad sign to know its reasons. 
  1. Rankings drop or get ranked for the wrong keywords and continuously drop in traffic.
  • Get linkbacks from spammy sites unrelated to the niche business to spoil the link profile, make the site not trustworthy, and even get manual penalties.
  • Get overly optimized anchor texts from linkbacks to the target keywords to the SEO agency.  

Signs to find the best result-driven SEO Company in India

It is time to check out the signs to find the best result-driven SEO Company in India who provides quality SEO services. They may not be able to rank the site on the first page of the search engine results; many signs include. 

  1. Show the actual sites having real do-follow backlinks, 
  2. Audit the site, content, link profile, and homepage, including action points
  3. Show the changes made to the existing site content or add new good web pages. 
  4. Submit a weekly or monthly reports of the SEO work done along with site rankings
  5. Recommend many improvements like starting social channels and integrating with the home page
  6. Commence a content marketing plan to add content to the homepage and write blogs
  7. Integrate internal links to current content and optimize the entire site content
  8. Add tags to images and change robots. text for enabling crawling on the sites’ other portions
  9. Create a sitemap.xml and add WP plugins like Yoast or Super Cache
  10. Improve site speed and perform periodical link profile audit
  11. Increase in targeted traffic even with reduced traffic but with an increase in revenue as the traffic comes from the right audience and right keywords
  12. Ranking improves for the target keywords and longtail keywords and is consistent for moving to the first page.

The above facts, wrong signs, and right signs to find a result-driven SEO company in India to develop your online business beyond expectations.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.