The Legal Consequences of Hitting a Pedestrian

Did you know that the number of pedestrian deaths is growing faster than other traffic-related deaths? It is more important than ever to be careful and cautious while on the road whether you are a driver or pedestrian. Injuring a pedestrian or causing their death with a vehicle results in serious consequences.

Read on to learn about the legal consequences of hitting a pedestrian.

Hitting a Pedestrian Consequences

The consequences for hitting a pedestrian range from minor to major, either way, it leads to issues. Some of the consequences include getting a citation, criminal charges, or loss or suspension of a driver’s license.


You should always expect a citation or fine of some kind because of a pedestrian-auto accident. The amount is always different as it depends on the details of the accident.

For example, hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk leads to a higher penalty amount because you were in the wrong. If the pedestrian was being negligent by jaywalking, you get a lesser fine.

Criminal Charges

A criminal charge is an accusation by the government that can happen by hitting a pedestrian. Charges can lead to prison time and more fines.

Can you go to jail if you hit a pedestrian? The answer is yes.

If you leave the scene of the accident it gets considered a “hit and run” that can lead to up to 90 days in prison. If the pedestrian gets killed in the accident, the driver may face manslaughter charges that can lead to a longer jail time.

Knowing what to do when you hit a pedestrian can get you out of criminal charges. The charges might get dropped if the driver stops and takes the necessary steps to report the accident.

Driver’s License Suspension or Loss

Everyone knows that driving is a major responsibility that requires you to deal with an issue when there is one. If your license gets suspended after hitting a pedestrian, your license becomes invalid for a certain time period.

If the case is more extreme, a license may get revoked indefinitely. For example, if the driver was purposefully hitting the pedestrian or under the influence, it is considered an extreme case. If you are allowed a reinstatement, there are specific steps that must get completed.

Protect Yourself and Others

The consequences of hitting a pedestrian range depending on the degree of the accident. To ensure you are doing the right thing during this event, get familiar with the duties and rights that drivers and pedestrians hold. Exceptions to these laws can get granted in some cases.

If you were involved in an accident with a vehicle, visit for help. It may be necessary for both parties to receive proper representation to handle a case like this.

Keep the Roads Safe

Drivers and pedestrians have a duty to keep the roads safe and avoid any accidents as much as possible. Accidents often occur, but when a problem results from negligence, it can have serious consequences. Hitting a pedestrian can leave you with citations, criminal charges, or without a license if you aren’t careful.

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