10 Top Tips for a More Successful Trucking Company

Are you interested in being your own boss and running your own business? Are you good with cars? Do you like being on the road?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to consider owning a tow truck company! There is always a need for tow trucks and drivers. With a little perseverance and hard work, you can have your own successful towing business.

There’s a lot that goes into growing and expanding a successful company. Here are 10 tow truck business tips to help get you started and stand out from the competition!

1. Safety is the #1 Priority for a Tow Truck Company 

Safety is the number one priority for any tow truck business. As the head of your company, everyone will look to you to set an example. Set up workplace safety policies and be consistent in following them.

Hold regular safety meetings and train all employees on your policies. Establish communication protocols that reduce distracted driving.

You and your employees are the biggest assets of your company. Reducing accidents keeps everyone working. It can also lower your insurance rates.

2. Vet All of Your Drivers

Your drivers are the face of your company. They must have patience and tact when dealing with distressed customers. Set a standard for hygiene and cleanliness.

You also need to hire safe drivers. You want people who are careful and responsible behind the wheel. They’re driving your trucks and transporting your customers’ cars.

3. Train Your Tow Truck Drivers 

Take the time to train all of your drivers. They need to be aware of and understand your safety protocols and policies.

Make sure they know how to safely use your equipment. Give them opportunities to practice using machinery to minimize hazards when they’re working in the field.

Have annual refresher courses. Even your experienced drivers need reminders occasionally. And they may even learn something new to help them do their job!

4. The Importance of a Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Set up a Pre-Trip Inspection process before every call. Drivers should inspect the tow truck and equipment before heading out to the field to make sure everything is safe and in working order.

This gives them, and you, an opportunity to stay ahead of any issues. Keep written logs of each inspection as proof and protection should any problems occur.

5. Create a Preventative Maintenance Routine

A consistent preventative maintenance routine will keep your trucks safe on the road. This includes maintaining tires and air pressure levels, brake components, and having routine oil changes. It should also include checking and maintaining the towing apparatus on each vehicle.

In addition, have your trucks regularly washed and tidied inside. A clean truck has a positive impression on your customers. It is also easier for your drivers when they can find their necessary tools and paperwork easily.

6. Have the Proper Insurance for Your Truck Company

Having the right insurance is imperative. If you or your driver gets into an accident you don’t want to get sued. From liability to physical damage, it’s crucial to have the right coverage at the right limits to protect you, your drivers, and your company.

Accidents and mistakes happen. It’s unfortunate when it does, but that’s why it’s necessary to have liability insurance. It covers any damage to a customer’s vehicle while in your protection.

If a driver is injured you want to make sure you have the proper Bodily Injury Liability and Worker’s Compensation coverages. This covers any medical bills they may have. It will also offer them some financial assistance if they can’t work for a period of time because of the injury. 

Property liability covers any damage done to a customer’s property. Collision and comprehensive policies cover damage for accidents whether by car, fire, vandalism, or any other means.

And don’t forget the all-important “Oh-Hook” coverage. This covers your client’s vehicle when it’s being towed by your trucks.

7. Tow Truck Marketing and Advertising

Knowing how and where to promote yourself is extremely important. Customers have to know who you are – or be able to find you – to give you their business. Establish your brand with a mix of tried-and-true old school methods and by using modern technology.

Start by having company shirts, business cards, and your name and phone number painted on the sides of your trucks to increase brand awareness. Make sure you’re listed in community directories. Have relationships with auto repair shops in your area both so they will call on you and refer you to their customers.

At the same time, make sure you have an internet presence. Watch and respond to reviews online. Have a website and/or social media channel. Make it easy for people to find you and even easier for them to contact you. 

8. Have the Proper Licenses, Permits, and Registrations for Your Tow Truck Business

Know what the state and local regulations are for having a tow truck company. Make sure you have all of the documentation required to run your company legally. Know what fees and taxes need to be paid and when they’re due.

Stay on top of truck registrations and any necessary safety audits. You can use this checklist from Avatar Fleet to help you pass the DOT audit.


9. Specialize in Your Market

There are a wide variety of services to specialize in as a tow truck business. You may want to work with roadside assistance and help disabled cars. Or you could align with specific auto repair shops or auction houses. Perhaps you want to work with law enforcement or the city government to impound vehicles.

Knowing which one you want to focus on will help you find your clients and market your company. Most businesses thrive on referrals so having a specialization helps you make a name for yourself in a specific area.

10. Consider Digitizing Your Business

Most people are going to call the phone number they find first. Explore opportunities with email and text marketing to keep your company front and center on people’s phones. Maybe even create an app that can be downloaded directly to their phone so you’re only a click away if they need your services.

Satisfaction and Success with Your Independent Towing Truck Business

Growing your tow truck company into a viable and successful business doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Follow these tips to create a name for yourself, both with your employees and your customers.

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