The Clifton 7: Hoka’s Most Advanced Shoe Yet

The new Hoka Clifton 7 is a shoe that has been designed by the company to be a speed ​​cushioning system for runners who want a responsive and comfortable running experience. This shoe will have you feeling like you’re floating on air as it provides incredible cushioning from heel-strike to toe-off. It’s this type of technology that has earned the Clifton series its reputation as one of the best shoes in recent years – but what else can we expect from this latest release? Read on for our full review!

What To Look For In Running Shoes?

If there is one thing we know about running shoes it’s that they come in all shapes and sizes! How on earth is someone who has never run before supposed to pick out what they need? This is why we would always recommend that you head down to your local specialist running store and let the experts there help you. A great sales assistant will be able to assess your foot type and gait, which means they’ll know exactly how much cushioning you’re going to need.

If you’re a beginner runner then it’s more than likely that your training is going to be taking place on the road. This means that traction and durability are two of the most important qualities in shoes, as these will help keep you safe from nasty accidents! Wearing running shoes with a good grip is particularly important if you plan on venturing off-road, as you don’t want to be slipping and sliding all over the place.

Hoka Mach4 vs Clifton 7

Some Important Info Before Buying

The Clifton comes is a bit of an unusual shoe as it’s not quite like anything else on the market. It has been designed to be versatile and responsive, which results in a plush ride with plenty of comforts during those long-distance runs; ​​​however, this means that it does take some time to adjust if you’re coming from a more traditional shoe. This is why we would recommend that you go up half a size, as this will give the perfect fit whilst still maintaining that level of responsiveness and cushioning provided by Hoka’s signature midsole foam!


The Clifton is a shoe that has really pushed the boundaries in terms of cushioning technology. Hoka have managed to combine responsive and comfortable runners with high levels of responsiveness, which means you’ll be able to run for longer than ever before! What’s more, this release also features an updated upper design that reduces weight whilst maintaining comfort – so if you’re looking for a new shoe that’s going to leave you feeling fresh and ready to run, then the Clifton might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.


As we have mentioned above, the Clifton is a shoe that’s quite different from what you might be used to. It has been designed with long-distance runners in mind so if you’re looking for something more specific then this probably isn’t going to suit your needs! If anything, it means that certain elements of these shoes are going to feel a little odd when you first start wearing them – but don’t worry, after a couple of runs they should be feeling like your second skin!

As always with Hoka shoes, there is one element that does let this particular release down and it’s the sizing. If anything, we’d recommend that you go up half a size as this will ensure the perfect fit! They are also a little on the expensive side, but we feel that they’re worth it.


The Clifton is a shoe that has made its name in recent years for being one of the best-cushioned shoes on the market. This latest release manages to improve upon this by creating an even more responsive running experience, whilst also featuring weight-reducing technology! What’s more, it does prove just how versatile Hoka is when it comes to designing shoes – the Clifton is unique in how it manages to provide runners with both plush cushioning and high responsiveness.

The new Hoka Clifton has been designed for speed ​​cushioning by the company, which results in a comfortable running experience. Beginners should go up half a size as this will give the perfect fit while maintaining responsiveness. The shoe is unique in its ability to provide plush cushioning and high responsiveness, which means it will leave you feeling fresh than ever before!