Barry Kibwika Is An Iconic Fashion Designer Inspired By Originality, Royalty, And Culture

Barry Kibwika

The Chief creative director at sabaa innovating and boosts the confidence of the wearer.

People are born with powerful energies and talent. However, very few glow the world with their miracles of skills and talent. Creating and innovating capability are what shine your talent. Barry Kibwika is also known as Harnun is one such miraculous personality who has sparked the world with his astonishing designs of clothes engrossing the feeling of confidence to the wearer.

Barry Kibwika was born on 27th September 1989 and nurtured with cultural values and its connection to his ancestral origins through the Nile Valley Civilizations in Kampala Uganda. He was inspired to transform the knowledge he had acquired while molding his skills and talent throughout the years and reclaimed his cultural essence through the way they dress.

His motive with his exclusive brand Sabaa is to revoke the African lifestyle by adding a modern twist to the designs. Most of his designs start with a simple idea and a rough sketch. Nothing too fancy. Just simple, classic, and noble. He has been in the fashion design industry for the last 15 years. He has even worked with Angela Simmons when she initiated her e-commerce website and fashion show.

Barry Kibwika with his unbeatable designers has been grateful for glittering the presence of some famous artists such as French Montana, Chris Brown, and as of late Author and Holistic Healer Queen Afua.

The man of spirit nourished with love and affection radiating peace and spirituality has been the author of the 47th Dynasty Kemetic Spiritual books collection. Moreover, his latest book called “The return back to self-love ” is thrilling people with his magnificent talent.

Barry Kibwika has proved passion and dedication are the key factors to gain victory. Hence, he is an inspiring icon for several youths who are sparked with the dream of gaining victory. To know more about him follow on Instagram: @harnunofficial