Types of water pipes used in Thailand

According to the environment and climates, we required different kinds of water pipes. When we talk about water pipes, we first think about the quality and then   ราคาท่อ PVC. There are many types of lines HDpipethai has for you. If you are looking for the best quality water pipes, HDpipeThai is the best reliable platform for your water pipes needs.

Types of pipes:

  • PVC, PE, HDPE, PPR, UPVC, PP, PB, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, PPR pipes, UPVC pipes, UPVC pipes, PB pipes, PB pipes, PP pipes, PP pipes, HDPE pipes, ACE pipes. PE, PE pipe, PE pipe, EMT pipe, EMT pipe, IMC pipe, IMC pipe

High-quality PVC pipes:

 We have high-quality water pipes that work long-lasting. As we need high-quality PVC pipes. We offer you high-quality water pipes that are best and tested. We use water for food, and drinking quality matters a lot. Suppose that if your pipes are not of high quality, they can be proven harmful to your health and your family’s health. If pipes are chosen wisely, it can increase your investment and cost.

15 years of experience:

HDpipesthai With more than 15 years of experience, To be a source of products for all well-known brands such as Elephant Brand, SCG, THAIPPR, UHMGroup, TAP to sell retail and wholesale at factory prices with special discounts for general customers, corporate customers, shops, technicians, contractors Meet the demand for products with fast service. Both bidding and shipping, therefore, it is popular with customers all over the country. In a quick time

Certified water pipes:

We offer you certified water pipes that are highly checked. We offer you products that have a pass out all the health tests. Our products meet the health measures met with the satisfaction of safety. All our products meet international quality measures. We care about your health because we drink water from these pipes. If water pipes are not of high quality, they can cause serious health issues.

Products of HD Pipes Thai:

Sometimes when we want to purchase pipes, we have to change the place to buy other types. but at HD PipeThai offers you all the water pipe products in one place like Products PVC, PE, HDPE, PPR, UPVC, PP, PB pipes

Affordable pipes

When we talk about quality first question that comes to mind that its prices. If you think that quality products require more investment, HDPipesThai offers you the best quality products, and  ราคาท่อ PVC is very affordable. We offer you high-quality water pipes at affordable prices.

Easy to contact:

If you want to contact us are have any queries you can contact us. Our customer support team will guide you and make you satisfied. You can call us or email all the information is available at our official sites. We have displayed everything prices catalogs and types of pipes according to the requirements of Thailand.


In short and simple words, pipes quality matters. HDpipesthai offers you high-quality pipes at affordable prices. You can have high-quality and health measure certified pipes at affordable prices.