The Best Ways to Straighten Your Hair

You may love your naturally curly or wavy hair but sometimes you have the urge to show it off perfectly straight. There are many ways to do this and there are also some pitfalls to avoid.

Here you can read about some of the methods you can use to have lovely, flowing straight hair and how to avoid the mistakes some people make while straightening. 

Why do people straighten their hair?

There are some good reasons why people want straight hair. For some, it is something they prefer and will straighten their hair regularly and for others, it may be just a temporary change in style. 

It is easier to manage

Curly hair, while looking beautiful, can be hard to manage. This type of hair can knot and be difficult to keep those curls from looking frizzy. 

It is not permanent

You can use a relaxer to straighten hair but if you are using other methods then it is just a temporary new look. Everyone likes to change their style now and again. Straightening lets you have a quick makeover without doing anything drastic. 

It can make straight hair shinier

Some women with straight hair also use these methods. They say it gives a sleeker, shinier look than just having naturally straight hair. 

What methods can you use to straighten hair?

The most common method is hair straighteners that use heat to leave a relaxed, shiny look and remove curls and kinks. This involves first washing and blow-drying the hair and then applying a heat protection cream. Straightening irons are set to the most suitable temperature depending on your hair type and then these are used to smooth away any waves and curls you have. 

Chemical relaxers

Another way to relax your hair is to use a special type of lotion that will permanently straighten out your hair. This will keep its effect until the hair grows out. It should only be used by someone who has had their hair straightened before and knows they want to have it this way for a longer time. The downside of this treatment is that it can be very damaging to the hair due to its use of harsh chemicals. 

Alternative straightening methods

There are some natural ways you can use that avoid heat or chemicals but the effect of them will vary depending on how manageable your hair is and which method you choose. Whichever method you choose it is important to adopt habits to help keep your hair healthy.

Large hair rollers

Obviously, you will normally use hair rollers to give yourself curls but they can also be used to straighten hair. You will need really large hair rollers. Then after washing your hair, roll it up tight with these. You will then need to let your hair dry 100% completely so no waves can return and remove the rollers. 

Wrap it in a bun

If you have slightly wavy hair this method may already be known to you. It won’t straighten curly hair but for slightly more manageable locks this may work. Wash your hair and then put it up in a tight bun and secure it until it is completely dry. 

Sleep on it

One other way you can try to straighten your hair is by using elastic bands. After washing your hair put it into a low ponytail while still damp and hold with elastic. Now place an elastic band on your ponytail spaced an inch apart. Go to sleep and remove the bands in the morning. Be sure to place the bands reasonably loosely to avoid kinks in the hair after you let it out. 

Avoiding mistakes

Like any hair treatment, straightening with heat can go wrong if not done correctly. 

Not preparing properly

This means washing your hair, drying it completely, and using a heat protectant. If your hair is still damp it will sizzle and if your hair is unclean it will start to cook. 

Using wrong temperatures or the wrong type of straightener

It is easy to turn up the temperature too high and straighteners come in a few surface finishes which suit different types of hair. Researching websites like Instraight will help you make an informed opinion of what type of straightener you might need.

Straightening too often

You may grow to love your new straight hair but if you try and use irons every day then you will end up with dry, damaged hair. It will become frizzy with split ends so try not to do this everyday. There are some good options to strengthen your hair if you want to improve this area. 


There are a few choices for straightening your hair and the relaxing product is probably the most effective but also the most damaging. Natural methods may leave something to be desired while hair straighteners using heat are a good middle ground. They give straight hair when used correctly with no damage or harsh chemicals.

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