Cysteine vs. Keratin: The Ultimate Hair Strengthening Treatment

If you are looking to straighten your curls, cysteine and keratin are the two best ways to go about it. These methods can straighten your hair for up to six months. Let’s see how they compare to each other and how these treatments work.

Hair Texture

Your hair is made of many layers, chemical bonds, and proteins. The hair growing cells are present in the hair bulb. These cells are arranged in six layers, the first three of which are cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The outer three membranes are the inner root sheath and the basement membrane.

The hair shaft made of a protein known as keratin is tough and resistant to tearing. Keratin is constituted of eighteen amino acids, the most abundant of which is cysteine. It provides the hair with strength.

The cortex of the hair consists of thick hair and it is located in the middle of hair cuticle and medulla. The pigment that contains cortex is melanin which is also found in the skin. It aids in giving the color and texture of the hair.

These treatments last until your hair grows out, but they can be damaging, some “keratin treatments” (and the popular Brazilian Blowout Original Solution) saturate the hair with a formaldehyde solution before it is dried and flat ironed; the formaldehyde locks the hair into straighter position, so it stays smooth beyond your next shampoo. According to Randy Schueller, editor of It takes around two to five months to get back to the natural hair texture.

Cysteine Hair Strengthening Treatment

Cysteine hair straightening and cysteine hair smoothing are some of the modern treatments for hair straightening. These treatments utilize the naturally occurring essential amino acid cysteine in the strengthening of the hair. Cysteine is considered a safer option compared to keratin.
Since cysteine is a natural absorbent, it lacks formaldehyde or any other harmful substances that release formaldehyde fumes under heat. Cysteine Hair Treatment lasts up to 3 months and is good for people with rough, dry, and dull hair.

Cysteine Hair Complex

The cysteine complex is constituted of botanical ingredients and pure protein. It works with existing proteins in your hair to soften and straighten the curls. This procedure provides moisture and conditioning benefits to the shafts of your hair to make them stronger. Some of the ingredients included in the cysteine complex include hydrolyzed wheat protein, dendrobium orchid, shea butter, and cocoa butter.

Cysteine Hair Smoothing System

There are four constituents of cysteine hair smoothing system:

  1. Cysteine hair-smoothing shampoo
  2. Cysteine smoothing treatment
  3. Protein leave-in conditioner

Keravis hair strengthening protein conditioner

Through this procedure, the hair is straightened using the sulfite/urea active straightening complex. The procedure includes using cysteine to provide a cover on the surface of the hair while the amino acid provides longevity to the treatment. The system also contains proteins such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and water.


Keratin hair strengthening treatments

Keratin is utilized in these treatments to provide strength and straightness to the hair. The Experienced Hair stylist(e.g best hair stylist in delhi) applies the keratin to your hair and seals it with a flat iron. The process takes 90 minutes or longer, depending on the length of your hair. Some of the keratin products include:

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

This formula allows keratin to bind with your hair and prevents humidity from penetrating the hair. This procedure makes your hair stronger and smoother and is usually incorporated into the hair coloring process.

La-Brasiliana treatment

This process contains collagen, which helps your hair gain shine and volume. This process can be applied to all kinds of hair. The treatment takes around 1 to 4 hours and gives your hair a shiny finish that can last up to 4 months.

Brazilian keratin treatment

This treatment contains the liquid form of keratin. It does not resort to the use of strong chemicals for opening and closing of hair cuticles. This treatment gets the keratin around your hair in the form of a coating without breaking the bonds of the hair shaft.


Some keratin hair treatments come with formaldehyde, which has been criticized in the health circles. While some experts argue that the breakage has nothing to do with the formaldehyde but the heat of the iron, keratin is still seen as a treatment that can have side effects on your hair. Things will go awry if it does not work out as per men’s interest or women’s interested. that’s why it is reconmmended to study every thing about this treatment or visit the professional.

Moreover, formaldehyde has been known to affect salon workers more than clients. Cysteine, on the other hand, does not contain formaldehyde. However, it still uses hot iron to provide straightness to the hair. Going for a hair strengthening treatment, make sure the solution does not contain formaldehyde, and you are good to go. Visit the hair salon around your location, where you can get top-notch keratin hair treatments. (for eg, keratin treatment in delhi)