How Selling a House for Cash can be Fast, Easy, and Stress-Free

Anything to do with the property market can be stressful. Buying your first home, moving house, or trying to sell can all be difficult and time-consuming. They are also often very costly with inspections, solicitors, and other fees.

If you find yourself in a position that you need to sell your home or another house quickly, what is the best way to do this? There are some ways you can help yourself to say goodbye to your house and hello to the money instead. 

What are the reasons someone may want to sell a house fast?

Everyone’s situations are different and there are lots of issues that may lead someone needing to offload a property quickly. It could be for tax reasons or other financial hardships. It may be an unwanted inheritance. A partnership or marriage may have dissolved and the couple wants to sell the home promptly so they can move on. Whatever the reasons are, the same goal is to sell the house quicker than normal.

What are your selling options?

Normally most people would go to an Estate Agent and there are very good reasons to use a realtor. You will likely get closer to the market value and possibly more through a reputable, hard-working Estate Agent. However, the problem is it sometimes takes time. Houses can be snapped up straight away or they can sit on the market for weeks, months, and even years. So, if you need to sell quickly you might have to investigate other methods. 

What can you do to sell the house faster?

For now, assuming you are initially trying the traditional Estate Agent route there are a few things you can do to speed up your sale. Obviously, if you are looking for a quick sale you probably don’t want to spend money on the home or at least not too much. 

Do some gardening

A little time and money might make a lot of difference though. You want to make your home’s appearance as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and generally make the front garden as pretty as possible. 

Spruce up the exterior

Look at the exterior of the house. Is it welcoming? Maybe paint the front door with a fresh coat. Remove weeds from the driveway. Basically, you want the front of your home to be welcoming and first impressions are as always important and fixing any problems is important to help sell your home.

Create more space

Inside the home, it is important that the viewers can see how much space is available so remove anything unnecessary. Declutter rooms and clear out closets and cupboards of as much as possible. If you can try and store this stuff elsewhere so it looks like you have plenty of storage space available.

If traditional Estate Agents aren’t working what next?

Ok, so you tried to sell your home through an agent and it didn’t happen in the time frame you wanted. You even lowered the price but there were no takers. Your other options are to ask your lender if you can use a second Agency so you have two sellers. This may make them work harder to get the sale but it could also just drag on.

Other ways you can sell are to list your home on an online site, sell by auction with the help of Property Auctioneers, or find a property investment company. 

Sell online

Selling online is starting to become popular as you have control over much of how your home is presented. You can hire a professional photographer, write your own listing, hold open days, and more. Some people hire a home stager who will lay out your home to look appealing to buyers. Online selling does not come with a guaranteed sale though. 


Another quick way is to sell through a property auction. You have to expect to sell for less than market value at an auction as the main reason for people buying here is to get property at a low price. Unfortunately, even by dropping your asking price there is no guarantee you will sell at auction. 

Property investment companies or house buying companies

This is the only 100% guaranteed way of selling your home, and quickly. There are many of these types of companies around and it is important to find a reputable one. W Properties – Homebuyers OK is one such buyer in the Oklahoma area and there will be others in different regions too. You should expect to sell your home below market value much like at an auction but it is the only way to make a guaranteed sale if you are short on time. 


Although selling a home can be stressful, using a house buying company can remove almost all of the worry and wasted time of other methods. Look for a BBB accredited buyer so you know you have found a good company to deal with for peace of mind and you could be sold within as little as a week.

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