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Sublimation apparels and sportswear are more popular nowadays because of their innovation, flexibility, quality, and style. Uncomfortable apparels can be a source of great frustration for many athletics. Jersey’s wear and tear, heavy or low-quality designs, and printing cause problems. However, apparel companies and sports uniform manufacturers have already find the solution. Now, more athletic programs are turning towards a sublimation process to get exceptional quality and style. Many companies are offering dye sublimated sports jerseys in amazing themes, colors, and designs. Evo9x is significant to create high-definition sublimated sports jerseys that ensure the great value of money, style, and quality.

Sublimation is an innovative dying process that uses pressure and heat to create high-end designs. Adhered directly to the fabric, the designs are of premium quality as compared to traditional printing modes. The numbers, logo, team names, and any other information are directly infused into the fabric, increasing the durability of sublimated sports jerseys.  Sublimated jerseys are popular among sports enthusiastic. Hence, these kinds of apparel enhance the comfort and style of the teams.

Evo9x is a Leader in Manufacturing High-Definition Sublimated Uniforms & Jerseys:

Sublimated uniforms and apparel have become the latest industry trend. Many athletic directors purchase uniforms or jerseys for almost 4-year cycles. Screen printed or embodied fabrics may lose their shape or look soon. That’s where the custom sublimated uniforms & custom sublimated jerseys find its way, offering a great solution to encounter a variety of benefits.

Evo9x start by printing the design to the special sublimation dye paper. After that, the heat roller system presses this dyed paper directly on the fabric. This results in more fascinating and long-lasting design patterns with rich color schemes.

Surely, this procedure ensures enormous benefits to sports teams as they can customize them in multiple ways. We believe that jerseys and uniforms with custom sublimation prints offer the best value and style to you. Our quality apparel can be entirely personalized while ensuring an excellent look for your team. Because of the added comfort and durability in each of our uniforms and jerseys, the team’s performance also improves.

Get custom sublimated jerseys and uniforms for your team to encounter the following benefits!

Incredible Quality:

At Evo9x, our team of professionals uses the latest sublimation techniques to provide a world-class design with promising quality. This means you can get premium designs printed on the jerseys and uniforms. We specialize in using the latest sublimation techniques to produce high-quality products. The quality of colors, prints, and images are matchless while our full sublimation jerseys and uniforms ensure great value.

Durable & Long-Lasting:

Sports jerseys and apparels have to bear a lot, from grass to mud, sweat to stains, and more. However, to keep your products vibrant for a long time, custom sublimation jerseys, dye sublimation jerseys and products are a great choice.

In sublimation printing, the solid ink is heated and pressed that it becomes part of the fabric. This means that the design is more long-lasting than other types of prints. Moreover, the image is more woven naturally into the fabric’s fibers that prevent them from fading away even after wash.

Comfortable & Functional:

For sublimation prints, polyester fabric is suitable. Hence, we have many different fabric options, from lightweight football jerseys fabrics to sweat-absorbent football t-shirt fabric and more.

Evo9x all fabrics are extremely comfortable and functional for active sports enthusiasts. Moreover, the sublimation prints are also part of the fabric and does not irritate the players. Surely, our apparel will keep you cool and dry even during the intense game. 

100% Customizable: 

When basketball, volleyball, baseball, and football teams wear uniquely designed custom sublimated uniforms, their confidence and recognition increase. When it comes to customization, you can get the exact look you want for yourself or the whole team. Our in-house professional graphic design team can create any design, pattern, name, or text onto a sports uniform. 

Also, you can get the sponsor’s logo, player’s name, and other specific details with a touch of attractiveness and professionalism. We deliver quality custom sublimated team uniforms and custom sublimation jerseys perfect for your team.

Choose Evo9x for any of your sport team uniforms, apparel, shirts, or jerseys. We offer dye sublimation uniforms including, football uniforms, football jerseys, baseball uniforms, Lacrosse uniforms, Soccer uniforms, Wrestling uniforms, softball jerseys, softball uniforms, and more. We love this printing method as it is advanced, affordable, and reliable. Additionally, the colors and graphics will stay authentic and vibrant that won’t wear out.

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