Tips To Boost Your Brick And Mortar Business

Increasing the foot traffic for your brick and mortar business is a sure way to boost revenue.  Of course, getting people to come through the doors is a totally separate mission from converting interest to sales.  

Finding a solid balance is the way to see a steady rise in interest and sales.  Take some time to invest in research, and read through a few helpful tips now.  Consider these points, and start building your success today.  

You need proper signage

The outside curb appeal of your store makes a big impact on the interest of passing consumers.  Make sure your store looks exciting and exploratory.  

Entice people to come inside with clear and appealing signage designs.  Invest in a quality company to design and produce all the signage you need for the outside of your store, so you always know you’re going to get what you need.  

Get your Google My Business listing

You can’t reap the benefits of location tools if you don’t sign up for the services.  Take advantage of your free Google My Business listing so consumers can easily find your business when they need it most.  

Signing up for your Google My Business listing places your business in the limelight for products and services when passerbys search online for a “near me” result.  Make it easy for customers to come to your brick and mortar location, and you’ll have more traffic come through the doors.  

Utilize social media 

Use your organization’s social media presence to draw people into your brick and mortar locations.  Post quality images and videos when your store gets some exciting new inventory on the shelves to draw attention.  

Then offer special savings for social media followers who make in-store purchases.  A ten percent discount won’t hurt your profit margins, and you’ll make more money overall with more purchases.  

Offer a special rewards card 

Offer a special rewards card for return customers as incentive to continue shopping with your business.  A simple punch card will do for starters, but it’s not very difficult to set up a digital tracker for customers’ rewards.  

Digitally tracking customer purchases also helps your business get a better picture of what items are most frequently purchased by your most frequent customers.  Valuable information about your customer base can work wonders for boosting your marketing efficiency.  

Allow customers to purchase online and pickup in the store

Encouraging in-store pickup from your online site will help drive more foot traffic to your brick and mortar location.  Offer incentive for in-store pickup purchases.  When customers come into the store to pick up an online purchase, your business has another opportunity to make a good impression.


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