Stay Cool by The Pool with These Top Pool Accessories for Every Backyard


Constructing a swimming pool is one of the best ways to add fun to your outdoor space. However, basic pools are now a standard feature present in many homes. What differentiates one structure from the next are the accessories you install.

Here are some essential backyard pool accessories to enhance your swimming experience.

Toys and Water Sports

Toys and water sports allow you to enjoy an active swimming experience with friends and family. Common water sports include pool volleyball, pool basketball, etc.

Besides keeping you active, toys prevent boredom. Kids tire fast, and having toys is an intelligent way to keep them around. For instance, they can jump into an inflatable boat when they can no longer swim.

Install Lights

Most people have decorative features on their yards, with some extending to the poolside. Proper outdoor lighting, trees, fountains, decks, and gardens add beauty to your lawn. Although it’s crucial to have directional spotlights focused on the pool for night use, these lights are also useful in accentuating other backyard features.

When you embed lights on stairs, along pathways, and around the pool’s perimeter, you beautify and add functionality to your swimming pool. Besides sparking visual interest, lighting your backyard prevents accidental falls after the sun sets.

Nowadays, you can enjoy the benefits of smart outdoor lighting systems controlled using a physical control panel or a smartphone app. These allow you to choose which lights go on and which remain off. In addition, some allow dimming, while others are programmed to change colours at intervals.

Pool Vacuum

Regardless of your pool type, a pool vacuum is a must-have accessory. Vacuums scrub the bottom and collect the debris on the pool floor. Some can wash the side walls.

The two main pool vacuum types are manual and robotic. Manual vacuums are effective for spot and overall cleaning. They have multiple heads, enabling you to reach corners and other hidden areas that usually harbour tough stains. Although they are time-consuming, they are cheaper than robotic units.

On the other hand, robotic pools are fast and efficient. Simply click some buttons and drop the vacuum into the pool – your pool will be spotlessly clean within three hours. So despite their extra cost, these units compensate with efficiency.

Water Test Strips

It’s essential to test your pool water quality regularly. Knowing its composition helps keep algae and bacteria away and reduces the risk of waterborne diseases.

You can assess the safety of your pool water using water test strips. These are strips with a colour gradation scale showing the compounds inside your water.

To use the strip, dip it into the pool and hold it down for at least ten seconds. Then, lift the strip from the water and check the results against the provided colour gradation scale. You will know how many chemicals your water has and the ones you need to add or reduce. For instance, you might discover that your pool needs more chlorine.

Most water test strips allow you to measure water hardness, pH, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, and chlorine levels.

Rescue and Safety Equipment

Accidents can happen anytime in or around your swimming pool. For this reason, it’s vital to have rescue equipment and an equipped first aid kit. Having such tools ensure that injuries don’t worsen as you wait for emergency medical technicians to arrive. Sometimes, they could be the difference between life and death.

Besides the first aid kit, other safety equipment includes life jackets, safety rings, and rescue cans.

Wrapping Up

You’ll make the most of your swimming pools, built by the top pool companies in Austin with the right accessories. Accessories do more than complement the basic pool structure – they enhance the swimming pool experience, add beauty and functionality, and improve pool safety.