Best French Almond Cookie Recipe By Liz Marek

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Christmas is just around the corner, and people are planning for this special event with great zeal and zest all over the world. We all love sharing sweet delights of different types on such occasions. You may come across a number of single cookie boxes fixed with items in different flavors in a bakery. Have you ever thought of making these eatables yourself? The process is not that difficult, especially in this age of the internet, where you can find mouthwatering cookie recipes from Liz Marek. Read the below lines to learn something in this regard.

First Things First

It is important to mention here that cookies are available in a variety of flavors and tastes. Each flavor has a different recipe in some way or another. In our particular case, we need to find out about the best method that can help in baking French almond cookies for special events like Christmas. It should be obvious that the recipe we are going to learn is by one of the top bakers of the world known by the name Liz Marek. So, before we move forward and learn how to make such special sweet delights, keep in mind that only practice will make you perfect.

Ingredients We Need

Name any cookie, cake, or dessert type; most of the time, the ingredients will be the same with the exception of a few. The same thing is true for cookie baking as it needs some eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla cream, nuts as per desire, a couple of utensils, an electric mixer, and a baking machine. Start by placing all the things at your immediate reach so that you may start the baking process without any further delays. You can bring in some fresh cream tarts or any flavoring powder as per your taste buds. For almond cookies, bring other nuts too to make them more presentable than ever.

Mixing it All

By mixing it all, it does not mean that you should mix all the ingredients together at once. Instead, you will have to go in a proper sequence. However, all the things will ultimately be mixed with each other. Take a utensil and add two bowls of flour to it. Now add sugar as per your liking. Sugar in powdered form should be preferred so that the mixing goes easy. Just be sure that there are no hard lumps in the flour and sugar mixture, as it can affect the quality of your cookies at a later stage. Now it’s time to bring in some eggs. Break the eggs, and pour the nutrient part in the flour bowl while stirring the mixture slowly at the same time. You need to continue mixing it up for the next 5-10 minutes till you get a glossy shine in the utensil. Now add vanilla powder along with any other flavoring agent to give it a more delicious taste.

It’s Time for Almonds

Once you are done with mixing and stirring the mentioned ingredients, now is the time for putting some almonds as per the name of your recipe. Liz Marek specializes in baked items, and this particular recipe is being appreciated worldwide in retail packaging. Convert the almonds to the powdered form and mix it in the previous utensil with the help of a spatula. Continue mixing it at a gradual pace until there is no dry part anymore and all the almond powder is mixed uniformly.

Let’s Start Baking

The mixture is all-ready; however, you still need to do a little bit of testing before moving to the baking part. Take the mixture on a spatula and make sure it is not extremely thick. It should not be in a watery liquid form either. The mixture should not slip downwards from the spatula. If everything looks fine, start pouring the mixture on the parchment paper and start baking. Fill the batters of your tray one by one and place the tray in the oven. After baking it for the next 10-15 minutes, take the tray out and let it dry at room temperature for about 30-50 minutes. Wait till it is not sticky anymore and your cookies are just about to get ready.

Final Touches

Never forget about the garnishing process, as it will add a certain appeal to these sweet delights. You can use fresh cream tarts in different flavors, or you can go with nuts of different types. You can also place some pieces of strawberry on the plate to present these products in a tempting manner. Your French almond sweet delights are now ready, and you can also pack these in the cookie boxes to surprise your loved ones for the upcoming event.

Tips to Remember

Make sure you never take eggs out of your fridge. For this recipe specifically, you will need the eggs that were placed at room temperature. Perfect quantities of ingredients should be mixed as an excess of anything may spoil the party for you in the end. The utensils you use should be completely dry and grease-free so that the mixing and baking process goes smoothly.

All the tips and suggestions for health discussed earlier are quite easy to follow. Just have a look at the mentioned process, and you are all ready to bake your own cookies for the upcoming event. If you are doing well, you can even start selling these items during Christmas by packing these in cookie packaging solutions of the highest quality. So, get the best out of these wonderful recipes by Liz Marek.