Essential Hunting Gears That You Must Have

Hunting wildlife in Alaska is extremely adventurous to accomplish your giant trophy achievement. Having the right gear is a must when undertaking self-guided hunting in Alaska. It can make the difference between a fun trip and a sad trip. Try to be in the best physique possible before going on a hunting trip. Your hunting success and enjoyment may be directly related to your physical condition and the gear you have. Some essential equipment you should have while going on a hunting trip in Alaska are:


Every huntsman looking for a beast in Alaska should have an advanced binocular. If you’re buying new, buy the latest one you can afford. Excellence optics will allow longer viewing hours with minimum eye strain. This can be very beneficial for your self- guided moose hunt in Alaska. Binocular must be water-resistant.

Glassing Pad

Having a glassing pad to sit on can make you relax during mountain hunting. While hunting, you may spend many hours sitting and glazing over sharp rocks, wet vegetation, etc., and it can be quite uncomfortable. You must include a good, lightweight, comfortable pad in your hunting list gear that protects you from the wet rump, cold, sore.

Rain Gear

Rain gear is essential that will stay in your backpack. In the worst climatic condition, it can save your life. While in dry areas, it is not necessary to have high-grade rain gear. PVC fabricated rain gear is good for hunting purposes. It’s a bit heavy, but unlike meshy fabrics, it won’t leak, no matter how long it stays wet. When hunting, most hunters in Alaska have rain gear to complete their affordable bear hunt on Kodiak Island.

Blister Kit/Medical Kit

Blisters kill many costly preys, and no matter what, you need to be set to deal with them. Always have the blister kit to get relief from these types of minor wounds. You should also have a medical kit tailored to your individual needs. Bandages, ibuprofen, pain medications, and sporty or medical tape to tape up a sprained ankle must be available in your medical kit.

Fire Starters

On a hunting trip, all adventure hunters know that it’s unwise not to have any firestarter, but it’s a good idea to have small fire kits or sealed matches in your entire pack. That way, even if your hunting equipment and clothes get wet or your backpack gets splashed away in the sea, you’ll still have the source to lit a fire.


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