Sales enablement has become an essential strategic process equipping sales teams with the content, training, and guidance required to engage buyers effectively and convert leads. The use of Data-Driven AI in sales enablement has emerged in the past few years as an essential tool that increases sales enablement productivity.

In the past 5 years, AI has played a major role in automating sales enablement processes. It has been found that when AI is used, sales teams outperform their peers by a nearly five-to-one ratio.[i]

How do sales enablement platforms work?

Sales enablement[ii] gives sales teams everything needed to quickly and effectively convert more leads into closed deals. The platform includes product information and training. Additionally, automation is included; this automation helps improve the sales journey by reducing common tasks. This frees up the salesperson’s time to continue the person-to-person sales development cycle. Other types of content, industry tools, and additional information are also provided to sales teams. The sales enablement market is expected to grow by over 20% in the next few years.[iii] Sales enablement works with existing and new customers. It provides related training, and ensures sales teams make the most of their resources. Because sales enablement prepares sales reps, they can even turn their sales tools into a differentiator for your company. Major advantages include a centralized database with sales tools and material to improve the sales process.

History of Sales Enablement Solutions

HThe history of sales enablement solutions can be traced back to 1999, when sales consulting firms began recognizing significant problems in sales execution. New platforms were developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales reps. However, these platforms inefficiently provide solutions or adopt a customized approach to dealing with the sales teams’ challenges. Although technology has advanced and sales enablement tools have become more prevalent, current sales enablement platforms are still disorganized and ineffective. These existing tools are overly generalized in a way that they focus on one or two problems while leaving behind the third and fourth problems hanging or lacking in guiding effective communication strategies. Thus, these platforms fail to provide comprehensive support to guide sales teams toward better communication and workflow management while prospecting. Current sales enablement tools fail to provide a detailed explanation to guide the sales reps. This limitation is one of the major drawbacks of existing sales enablement platforms, limiting their adaptation in the organizations.

A Next-Gen Sales Enablement Solution

TigerLRM is an all-in-one sales enablement and AI-driven CRM platform that provides comprehensive resources for sales teams. TigerLRM’s differentiated value proposition is that it provides a modern AI-driven CRM. The automated tool has cutting-edge features. There is added value through support services rendered by TigerLRM’s team of sales enablement specialists.

The platform’s tools and services are tailored to each organization. This meets the needs of modern sales teams by presenting features such as one-click SMS and calling and automated follow-up modules. TigerLRM provides organizations with full implementation, data migration, and tutorials for sales teams. Sales professionals receive a personalized seller-centric enablement program. This program helps them build knowledge and skillsets to close more deals and increase win ratios.

Created for Closing

TigerLRM was designed and created by tech entrepreneurs and a veteran group of sales experts with over 20 years of experience. The software enables sales teams to combine different systems into a single platform.[iv] Their mission was to address the challenges and failures experienced by sales teams when closing the deals. The founding members used their collective expertise to research pain points and to implement new, modern techniques. These techniques streamline processes and increase sales team productivity. The approach brought new solutions to all stages of the sales process, both internal and external.   

A Reputation for Excellence

TigerLRM has gained quite a name in the industry for its platform’s exemplary features, ranging from digital content management to support services and learning systems. TigerLRM has also received the Gold Globee® Award in the Business Products and Services category at the 2nd Annual Disruptor Company Awards for its convenient solutions.

Intuitive Sales Tool for Enhanced Productivity

A sales enablement strategy requires close alignment between the sales and marketing departments, and this alignment helps enterprises get better leads.

Solution – A collaborative foundation by acquiring a sales enablement platform that helps with lead management throughout all stages of the sales cycle while enabling streamlined processes and addressing difficulties through analytical data. The platform will facilitate sales through enhanced communications and methods that allow for more effective sales practices, leading to sales reps closing deals more efficiently.

Unlike most companies, TigerLRM has clawed its way to the roots of the problems that a modern salesperson faces. Modern salespeople frequently experience challenges in marketing and sales teams’ integration, building trust online, closing deals, prospecting good leads, and avoiding discounting. All these challenges must be counteracted via effective strategies based on modern sales enablement perspectives – altogether being offered by TigerLRM.

 From compliance to coaching and training, the company has successfully combined all features relating to sales enablement and lead management, bringing them into a single, easy-to-use AI-driven CRM platform. Through lead management, a sales rep acquires and manages leads (potential customers) until the point where they make a purchase, thus increasing the sales number. The software leverages its free features to optimize sales processes, reduce turnover rate and empower sales professionals with the right tools they need. Complete sales training is a crucial service feature that includes capabilities such as training video creation. Additionally, the software ensures compliance among all team members.


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