Mohammed Shaheen – Providing Investment Literacy to Youngsters

Finance, in its most basic form, is the management of money. Investing, lending, saving, budgeting, borrowing, and forecasting are all part of it. Financial literacy is defined as the integration of financial, debt, and credit management knowledge. This knowledge is required to make responsible financial decisions, as these decisions can affect our lives and financial standing.

Financial literacy instructs people on how to make major financial decisions. The primary benefits of acquiring financial literacy at a young age includes increased financial discipline and financial capability, which can lead to major lifestyle changes such as saving and investing on a regular basis, effectively managing debts, and efficiently achieving life goals. Furthermore, financial literacy promotes financial well-being and protects individuals from financial fraud.

Congress designated April as Financial Literacy Month in 2004 to emphasize the importance of financial literacy for all Americans, particularly young adults. The significance of investing in financial literacy is straightforward, as it is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our financial awareness and understanding, analyze our personal finances, and make a commitment to invest in ourselves by becoming more financially literate citizens.

Financial literacy is by all means a life skill that is a “need to know,” not a “nice to have,” because of which investing in financial literacy is often critical. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the fundamental financial concepts required to make informed decisions and live financially responsible lives. Thus, intending to spread investment literacy among youngsters, Mohammed Shaheen founded Seven Capitals, a financial brokerage company.

Born on June 16, 1983, in Bahrain and raised in India, Mohammed Shaheen is a renowned Indian entrepreneur and the youngest financial broker, worldwide. Well aware of his number-crunching ability, Shaheen earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Bangalore University in 2008. This proved to be the turning point for his interest in investments and financial planning. He soon became interested in the world of finance and enrolled in a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) course, in India.

Shaheen decided to come to the UAE with the intention of opening his own business after completing his studies in 2012. He has always believed in arming and empowering people with knowledge as the financial markets can be intimidating at times. Knowing knowledge is power, Shaheen wanted to spread the light of his insightful knowledge through Forex trading education. To take this a step further, he has already established the Seven Capitals Institute of Financial Studies in Kochi, Kerala. Seven Capitals operates with a vision to make trading more accessible and understandable to the general public, thereby creating opportunities for financial freedom. Furthermore, Shaheen strives to make it a comprehensive institute for all aspects of financial education.

Excelling in the financial industry, Shaheen became a seasoned financial analyst with over 16 years of experience managing a diverse portfolio of securities, exchanges, and commodities, including but not limited to stocks, currencies, CFDs, NASDAQ, the NYSE, the Mumbai Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, silver, gold, and crude oil.

According to Mr. Shaheen, Seven Capitals has thrived as a company by providing its clients with a variety of trading opportunities. It has an astounding reputation in the world of gold trading as it provides a variety of tools as well as step-by-step solutions to various business analysts. Shaheen notes that his company relies on efficient solutions in the current competitive trading environment: “The market is rapidly changing, but we are prepared. Our trading policy states that we should pay more attention to what works and less to what doesn’t.”

Seven Capitals believes that raising awareness through education is the best way to bring financial literacy to a more accessible level and that it is backed by innovation and aligned with the brand’s mission to improve the ways of investing in financial markets. Seven Capitals being the Institute of Financial Market Studies and a trusted and ethical trading partner, plans to map several other cities in the South Indian state of Kerela in the near future.

The Seven Capitals Group has grown at an impressive rate in recent years and is now recognized as an industry leader. By August 2020, the company’s clients’ monthly trading volume had surpassed 21.6 billion USD, and its global active traders had successfully surpassed 30,721. The key to the Seven Capitals Group’s long-term success is continuous development, guided primarily by the systematic improvement of trading conditions. The company firmly follows a customer-centric approach, so improving the quality of provided services is its top priority.

Seven Capitals thrives as a brand on three qualities: honesty, transparency, and integrity. Moreover, in an interview, Shaheen said, “We have always put our customers ahead of profit, and we will continue to do so in the future.” Thus, Seven Capitals has proved itself to be a well-thought-out effort, aiming to increase the financial literacy of the young generation.  

Nancy Yates

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