Resolving All Your IRS Tax Problems

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Taxpayers are always advised to involve tax relief companies for maximum damage control as penalties and the actions that are related to owed taxes are downright confusing. Hence, it is always recommended to involve federal agents who hold optimal experience in handling IRS complaints and queries. Furthermore, taxes and their related documentation often tend to overwhelm the taxpayer, which can further aggravate the situation at hand.

IRS issues have existed for a long time and politicians have made numerous promises for streamlining the entire process. As easy as it sounds, it is a tedious and highly complicated process. But while tax preparation is problematic and obscure, it becomes even more challenging when a taxpayer receives notification from the IRS.

The IRS is tasked to review tax returns for precision and ensure that the average citizen has paid all his taxes. If they find something amiss, then the taxpayer is instantly alerted about the problem. However, this is the standard scenario that is expected when the equation involves the IRS.

The IRS can still contact a taxpayer if they find any information missing if any other situation besides the ordinary arises. Some common issues that are directly related to IRS tax problems are as follows:

IRS Tax Problem No. 1: When Taxpayers Fail to File Tax Returns on Time

All Americans are regularly supposed to file their tax returns irrespective of the fact that they owe money to the government or not. Failure to do so can lead you to not receive the refund amount. The taxpayer has only three years to get all their tax paperwork sorted and obtain the said amount. If the taxpayer has failed to take any action within the said period i.e. three years or has avoided filing their tax returns, the government is authorized to add a supplementary amount of 25% to the amount that the taxpayer owes, that is charged over five months.

IRS Tax Problem No. 2: Inability To Pay Taxes Altogether

If a taxpayer receives the CP14 form from the IRS, it means that you owe unpaid money to the government. However, this situation must be viewed from multiple point-of-views. If a taxpayer can’t pay the full amount that they owe, then they can apply for a payment plan online, which might allow them to pay the required amount in contracted installments. Another scenario is when there is a temporary delay in financial collection due to the economic hardship of the taxpayer, the IRS has the right to delay the requested collection until the taxpayer’s situation improves.

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IRS Tax Problem No. 3: Disagreement With The Notice

If the taxpayer disagrees with the notice sent by the IRS, they can call on the toll-free number that is provided on the top right-hand side of the notice. It is also advised that the taxpayer has multiple copies ready of his paperwork, which may include canceled checks, amended returns, etc. In most cases, the IRS provides a specific time limit that the taxpayer is supposed to pay within that particular date. Interest will start accumulating if, for any reason, the taxpayer is unable to pay the amount before the said date. It must be noted that the taxpayer will be penalized if the full amount is not paid to the IRS before the said time limit. Hence, the taxpayer is continuously encouraged to keep in touch with the IRS regarding their financial standing and their ability to pay the full amount.

IRS Tax Problem No. 4: Notifying The Taxpayer About Tax Levy

Failure to pay taxes on time can lead to a seizure of the taxpayer’s property. Known as a tax levy, the IRS does not descend unannounced, upon the taxpayer’s property; they have to notify the person of interest first via the LT11, the CP504, the CP90, or the CP91 form(s), respectively. While a taxpayer can panic, we advise that the best way to handle a tax levy is to find an experienced tax resolution company that has been in the field for a long time. Fiscal Solutions is a full-service tax relief agency that offers some of the best solutions to all your tax problems. Holding over 30 years of exceptional experience in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, their teams of tax specialists successfully hold outstanding expertise on asserting their rights to your property and your hard-earned assets, successively.

IRS Tax Problem No. 5: IRS Work Personnel And The Human Error :

All human beings are bound to make mistakes and the IRS federal agents are no different. While IRS staff is adept at processing tax relief documentation, despite having swift electronic systems for document control, several errors can delay the refund process. This may include misleading communication between taxpayers and IRS agents, misplaced tax returns that may result in unmerited penalties, or late filings/underpaid tax returns that may escalate your tax resolution process. Hiring a tax attorney can help you with your tax negotiation while making officials realize their mistake(s) so that they can timely rectify their costly errors.

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